5 Best Video Games to Level Up Your Skills

Dedicated gamers know that there’s nothing more appealing than a wide-open weekend you can spend playing your favorite games. Whether you prefer playing solo or with buddies, there’s no doubt that gaming is one of the most fun ways to spend your time.

But video games aren’t just for fun! They can also be crucial sources of socializing, one of the best ways to make friends (especially at a safe distance). Plus, you can learn a ton about the world around you just by plugging in and playing.

Here are five of the best video games that can help you develop real-world skills:

#1 Driving: Forza Horizon

Sorry, Mario Kart fans!

If you’re a gamer with an Xbox, you have the blessing of one of the best driving video games ever made. Forza Horizon 4 delivers an incredible, true-to-life experience that ought to be a core part of driver’s education programs. It also features some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll find in any game, driving or otherwise. Some of the best features include:

  • An open world to roam
  • An incredible soundtrack
  • Teamwork or solo gameplay
  • Seasonal changes and updates

And the absolute best way to master the digital roads? A premium wheel controller (https://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/tmx-force-feedback). Grind your stats without grinding out your clutch and become a better driver both virtually and in real life.

#2 Hand-Eye Coordination: Counter-Strike

Ever wonder why Fortnite is so popular? Here’s a hint: it takes one of the most well-loved video game mechanics in the world (shooting people) and turns it on its head.

For those gamers who want a more straightforward shooter experience, one more dedicated to reproducing what it’s actually like to aim (and shoot) a gun, there’s a better option on the market, also for free. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO, is an amazing game that delivers incredibly complex aiming mechanics.

There’s no better way to train your eye for all kinds of real-world tasks than clicking heads.

#3 Craftiness: Super Smash Bros

Here, we’ve got to go with the newest edition of the Nintendo classic, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Available on the Nintendo Switch, this party brawler features a huge cast of characters, all of whom have unique fighting styles… and counterattacks.

That’s why it’s a great way to learn moxie.

And the ultimate way to play this game? Of course, with a GameCube-style controller that harkens back to arguably the best entry in the series, Super Smash Bros Melee (https://www.powera.com/product/wired-controller-for-nintendo-switch-gamecube-style-black/).

#4 Relaxation: Animal Crossing

Yes, relaxing is a skill!

Especially in today’s world, one of the hardest things to do is to take a second and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature. Luckily, a great way to do that virtually is another game on the Nintendo Switch… none other than Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Any day can be a day in paradise with this game. Take a seat, hit your favorite CBD vape pen, and take in the day on your own private island (https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-pens/):

  • Fraternize with adorable furry (and feathery) neighbors
  • Go fishing! Or catch bugs
  • Dig for fossils and other goodies
  • Travel to other islands
  • Invite friends over

There’s truly no other gaming experience quite like it.

#5 Teamwork: Overwatch

Since it came out in 2015, Overwatch has been one of the most popular games on the planet. That’s because it builds on other first-person shooter games and adds in a unique wrinkle.

Like Super Smash Bros, it features a huge cast of characters with countless moves and combinations to master. Even the best players usually “main” just a fraction of the whole cast.

But it’s also a game that rewards—and requires—intense teamwork.

It’s not just about having amazing reaction time or the best keyboard and mouse. In order to succeed in Blizzard’s global smash hit, you need to work together with your five other teammates like a well-oiled machine.

Plug In, Play, and Power Up!

All of the games above offer an incredible amount of fun on their own. You don’t need any other reason to play them than just to enjoy them. And across all five, there are potentially hundreds if not thousands of hours of single and multiplayer action.

An added bonus? Each of these games will also help you develop a key skill or sensibility that will help you in your personal and professional life.

So, with that, game on!

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