Tech-Noir Mystery Adventure Game The Signifier Comes to PC on October 15; Consoles in Early 2021

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Playmestudio have announced their new tech-noir mystery adventure game The Signifier.

The game will launch first on PC on October 15 and will then come over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2021. You can get a first look by watching the trailer below and read up on more details about it.

The Signifier is a first-person tech-noir mystery adventure that blends investigation, experimental psychology, and artificial intelligence.

Players step into the role of Frederick Russell, an expert in AI and psychology, and the main researcher behind an experimental deep brain scanner called the Dreamwalker. Its controversial technology allows the exploration of the recorded senses and unconscious realms of the mind. He finds himself thrust into a spiral of intrigue when asked to use his creation after the vice president of the world’s biggest tech company turns up dead in her apartment.

Explore the real and surreal worlds, become immersed in fringe psychology, solve puzzles, and find the truth.

Game Features:

A compelling narrative that spirals into a complex web of real-world intrigue and surreal suspense.

Three coexisting dimensions to explore: reality, objective memories and subjective dreams.

Move between realms to solve puzzles, unlock new dialogue branches, and unravel the mystery.

Learn psychological concepts and use your powers and tools to navigate the strange and unpredictable unconsciousness.

Become immersed in thought-provoking tension, free from jump scares.

Question the implications of AI, intrusion to the consciousness, privacy, and the subjective creation of our minds.

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