Why Esports Casting Is A Great Career For Gamers

If you’re an esports aficionado, you’re probably very familiar with your favourite players, teams, and games. You’ve likely watched hundreds upon hundreds of matches and can quote obscure, arcane rules verbatim. However, have you ever spared a thought for the casters? These unsung heroes make esports games exciting; they’re the ones who explain what certain plays mean for those who aren’t massively au fait with the ins and outs of the game they’re watching. Casters hype up crowds, explain complex strategies, and generally provide an “in” for amateurs and experts alike.

For those who are contemplating a career within the esports industry, casting could be the perfect way to enter this fiercely competitive world. It’s extremely difficult to become a professional esports player; even if you have the requisite skill and dedication, there’s still an element of luck involved, so you could never realise that dream even if you try as hard as you can. Luckily, playing isn’t the only thing you can do within the esports industry; there are various other career paths you can pursue. One of these paths is casting, and depending on your personality and skill set, it might be perfect for you.

One of the biggest and most enduring myths about casting – and commentary in general when it comes to sports – is that it’s easy to do. This would be a massive mistake to assume. Casting is easy, but casting well – knowing exactly what to say, which plays to comment on, and how to keep up with often hectic games – is extremely difficult. Many casters will tell you that the primary objective of casting is to have fun with it, and that’s definitely true, but you must also be professional and integral to the game you’re casting. If you’re in any doubt about how hard casting is, just check out this great Betway video in which professional West Ham players learn how to cast for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

Created by Betway, this video showcases what eSports can really offer players who have the skills. 

So, why is esports casting perfect for gamers? Well, first and foremost, you need to display enthusiasm for the medium, and if you’re a gamer, you’ll already have this in spades. A successful esports caster can’t allow themselves to become jaded or uninterested in gaming; you need to present an enthusiastic front each and every time you cast a game, no matter how far into your career you are. Remaining invested in your job requires the same process from you as it would for any other job; focus on the positive aspects and try not to dwell on the negatives.

The pros of becoming an esports caster should be obvious if you’ve ever even entertained the notion. First, you get to work within esports, which is a burgeoning and massively lucrative industry with plenty of opportunities for growth. Secondly, you’ll likely get to meet plenty of professional esports players and quiz them about their game, which – if you’re interested in strategy – is a dream. Esports casters make money that’s not to be sniffed at, and they’re effectively being paid to communicate their unique personality while watching people play games they love.

Of course, with every job must also come drawbacks. There’s an immense amount of pressure on you as an esports caster to provide consistently engaging content each and every time you cast, which becomes difficult when you’ve run through your bank of things to say. The dedication required from you will make it hard to leave your work “at the office”, so to speak; you’ll probably find yourself living and breathing esports even while you’re off the clock. If you’re already a fanatic, this won’t necessarily be an issue, but your home and family life may suffer for it.

That being said, this is the case with most careers; establishing a good work-life balance is one of the great difficulties of adult life, after all. The fact remains that being an esports caster is a fantastic way to enter the esports industry, especially if you’re not confident in your abilities as a professional player (or you’re above a certain age; esports players tend to trail off around the age of 24). Not anyone can become an esports caster, though. You’ll need a particular set of skills and traits in order to enjoy the kind of innate advantage that will get you ahead in a competitive field.

First and foremost, an outgoing personality helps. If you’re meek or shy, esports casting may not be for you; it requires a great deal of public speaking and confidence in your ability to do so. That doesn’t mean you can’t develop that skill, of course; it just means that if you’re already a performative person, that will help immensely in your career as an esports caster. You’ll also need to be able to improvise, as casters can’t go into games with pre-written scripts; you don’t know what’s going to happen during any given game, after all, so you can’t know what you need to say until you get to a game.

We’ve outlined just some of the reasons that esports casting could be the perfect career for gamers here. Are you an esports caster, or are you aspiring to become one? How is your journey going? Let us know!

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