5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Game Development

We’re living in the age of smartphones. Over 96% of Americans own one of these tiny supercomputers! Naturally, many of these smartphone owners are also mobile game fanatics.

The mobile game industry is booming. People love their entertainment, and mobile games are poised to overtake the console gaming industry in the coming years. Mobile games are portable and user-friendly: no wonder they’re so popular!

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of mobile game development, or just want to know a bit of trivia, read on. Here are five fun facts about mobile game development.

1. The First Mobile Game Was Introduced in 1994

And it was Tetris! The game came pre-installed on the Hagenuk MT-2000, a Danish phone. The game used simple pixel graphics to stack blocks, and took the world by storm.

Three years later, Nokia began selling their phones with the game Snake pre-installed. A variant of Snake became the first two-player mobile game as well!

2. There Are New Mobile Game Subscription Services

Netflix and Hulu have not only disrupted the TV and cable industry but the entertainment industry as a whole. There are now multiple subscription services that give you access to dozens of different games for a low monthly payment. Some examples are Google Play Pass and GameMine, which give you access to hundreds of ad-free mobile games at a steal.

3. Mobile Games Don’t Make You Antisocial

Ever since the days of Atari and Nintendo 64, people have been claiming that gaming makes people antisocial. But this is untrue!

The video game streaming site Twitch carried out a study of how much gamers socialize. They found that regular gamers socialize much more than non-gamers, albeit in non-traditional ways. Gamers are more likely to have fulfilling virtual friendships and value their relationships more than non-gamers.

4. The Most-Downloaded Game of the Last Decade

Subway Surfers! The simple and colorful POV platformer was downloaded 1.5 billion times between 2012 and 2015. It even inspired an animated series!

Subway Surfers was closely followed by Candy Crush Saga, with 1.2 billion downloads, and Temple Run 2, with 800 million downloads. Clash Of Clans, My Talking Tom, and Minion Rush also made the top ten.

5. Pre-Made Game Engines Make Mobile Game Development Easy

If you want to try your hand at mobile game development but don’t feel confident in your coding skills, look into using a game engine or development kit. Many popular game publishers, such as Epic Games and Amazon, have created game engines that do the heavy lifting of coding for you.

There are also plenty of game development guides and tutorials online. Anyone can break into this industry!

Gaming Apps Are Here to Stay

Mobile game development isn’t limited to simple, viral games like Candy Crush and Minion Rush anymore. Popular console games like PUBG and Stardew Valley are creating mobile versions of their games to meet demand. There’s no better time to venture into creating your own mobile game!

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