The PS5 is The Future of Gaming

For more than a year, gaming lovers around the world were eagerly waiting for the launch of Sony’s home console Play Station 5 (PS5). It was finally launched in the second week of June this year. The event also saw the launch of the PS5 games and game guide that promise to lead the future in the world of gaming.

Among the new games announced at the event include the following:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Resident Evil 8: Village

What is great about PS5?

The event to launch PS5 showed an hour-long video about the new play station and how it’s many steps ahead of the previous home consoles. The devil is in the detail and here they are:

  • PS5 console sports a blue, black, and white design
  • It’s equipped with a DualSense controller
  • It stands vertically
  • It comes in 2 models

A.Digital Edition with 4K Blu-ray UHD drive

B. Disc-free gaming experience

  • Accessories include wireless Pulse 3D headset
  • HD camera, media remote, charging dock

For the Players

The attitude of PS5 is the same – For the Players – that marked its previous models of the PlayStation gaming consoles, only that this is no longer the tagline. This time PlayStation has chosen to let the games do the speaking, not the company. The new PS5 celebrates everything that a gamer is crazy about PlayStation.   

The line-up of games that PS5 offers has familiar faces such as Sackboy, Ratchet, Aloy, and Spider-Man. This goes on to prove that in an hour-long slot, the Sony IPs have few rivals. But with PS5, Sony brings fresh IPs, a diverse range of characters, interesting indies, and storytelling.

Both style & games

Until the launch of PS5, Sony has been quiet about the novelties it was to unveil to its fans. The launch of PS5 focused more on the games than on the console. The inimitable style of Sony’s offerings and the power of its games were on full display. While Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Resident Evil 8 stole the show, new IPs and indies rekindled old curiosity. But what finally seals the deal for Sony is the PS5 and its beautiful and sensuous design, with all the curves, blue lights, and styling. 

Variety of experiences

Most Sony watchers were apprehensive that it might once again make the same mistakes that it made with the PS3 launch model. That was when the games released along with the PS5 launch were yet to be seen. The few glimpses of the games that came to the PlayStation fans had sharply divided their opinions. Clearly, Sony has learned its lessons as the games launched along with PS5 puts Sony in the top league once again. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an exciting title while Ratchet & Clank is a family-friendly platform that is quite a nice gift to this generation. Horizon Forbidden West brings a more serious and cerebral drama.

Strong, unsurprising showing

The launch event of PS5 that lasted a little over an hour was the most convincing argument that the gamers’ community should now be prepared to dive into the future of gaming with its game guide. You can call it the next generation of gaming. There is a lot of strong and exciting news and elements about the future of gaming inbuilt in the new games launched by Sony. Most of them could have come on the current generation of consoles as well. Nevertheless, Sony has put up a strong show that highlights its diverse range of games in the pipeline. These also cut across the age barrier and also the subversive theme that is predominant in the gaming business.

Exciting & futuristic 

The new set of games and the console has left people excited as they were awaiting the launch and during the launch. Sony brought an interesting mix of things such as Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Bugsnaxs, Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Both had a retro feel about them. They also had PS1 and Ps2 fell about their fun and platform feel. It also had Little Devil Inside, Returnal, and Pragmatica with their weird yet interesting story.

Final thoughts

PS5 and the range of games introduced at the launch of Sony’s new home console promise its fans and gamers at large a new era of gaming. You can call it the future of gaming or the next generation gaming. The console itself is a giant robot in a sensuous body with an intuitive user interface.

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