Why Are Video Games So Popular?

From Pong and Pac-Man all the way up to fully immersive virtual reality, gaming has grown in popularity and doesn’t show signs of stopping. The gaming industry will generate nearly $160 billion in revenue in 2020.

Yet why are video games so popular? Aking a gamer “why do you like gaming?” may provide some personal insight, but lets a take a closer look at what makes gaming the activity of choice for many people both young and old.

So read on to learn why video games are one of the most popular growing forms of entertainment.


As far as hobbies go, gaming is an inexpensive one. A lot of video games are available for free on websites like Gamemine.com, and are played on devices we already own such as smartphones or computers.

Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars for a gaming system, or thousands for a gaming PC, but it’s not necessary to start playing video games. The low barrier to entry makes it an attractive hobby for many, especially young people.

The Community

Gaming seems like a solitary activity, but that is far from reality. Gamers can play with friends online, forge new relationships during gameplay, and meet others in chat rooms. There is also an opportunity for gamers to meet wit their tribe at conventions. This sense of community is a basic human need. Gaming satisfies that need for many who would otherwise remain isolated from one another.

Provides a Sense of Mastery

Gaming can take hours and hours of one’s life, but is it all for not? Not really.

Gaming provides a platform on which people can hone their skills, giving a sense of competence. The practice and dedication needed to master a video game gives one a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence. It proves that you can achieve what you set your mind to. The skills gained in playing video games can easily transfer to other areas of life.

Provides a Sense of Autonomy

Humans desire to have a certain degree of control of their world around them. It’s not possible to control all aspects of our lives as humans, but video games create an outlet where we can.

Video games offer players a wide range of choices to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. They also provide a sense of independence to those who dive in and make choices that are uniquely their own.

Additionally, games provide a creative outlet where people can be expressive inline with their, or their character’s, identity.

Why Are Video Games So Popular?

Video games provide a safe place to build community, developed a sense of independence, and master a craft. They are widely available for many different platforms making them easily accessible. Need we even mention that they’re fun?! So if you’re still asking “why are video games so popular?” Its time you tried them to see for yourself!

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