Someone Has Recreated Fall Guys in Dreams and it’s Very Impressive

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Developer Mediatonic’s hit multiplayer party game Fall Guys has taken the world by storm even since it launched last month and now we see even some players in Dreams are trying to recreate it.

A creator named MrWooshie has recreated the Fall Guys in Media Molecule’s PlayStation 4 game Dreams and the results are very impressive. The main menu and drop in animation are very well done and the See Saw stage is solid as well. Some of it is obviously a bit rough looking still like the character movement and see saw physics but what is here is very impressive in its own right. You can see if for yourself below.

My attempt at a recreation of Fall Guys in Dreams. I intentionally chose to omit a majority of the game as this is simply meant to show a small piece of what can be done in Dreams. My hopes are that other Dreamers (and future potential Dreamers) can see this as one example among many others as to what they can create within this amazing game. A part of me wonders what could have been done if I had a full proper team, but I like the way this came out. All of this was created entirely within Dreams between only 3 people. I couldn’t have done it without HyperDreamSurfer’s help in recreating the amazing soundtrack and working out a method to create the swirling backgrounds, as well as RurouniDan in showing me a way to fix the overall lighting and coloring of the environment and the various assets.

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