Interesting Facts about ELO Boosting

It is no surprise that players that get caught in the Elo Hell rarely break free, and games become much more exhausting and uncomfortable. Also, it becomes almost impossible to speed up the process when you play alongside players who do not share common interests and determination to win.

Ultimately, it leaves players with very few choices to escape this harsh reality, one of them being boosting. However, several players show their concerns, and many believe that there is no such thing as boosting the ELO. But many boosters themselves verified that it is not a hoax and boosting the ELO is legit.

Furthermore, players are unaware that there is more to boosting than just a highly skilled booster stomping the games and raising your ranks. It is essential to broaden your spectrum, and this article features some intriguing facts regarding the ELO boost that will surely spark your interest.

History of ELO boosting platform

At the height of its initial announcement, ELO boosting was quite common in comparison to modern-day standing. It encountered lesser animosity at the outset, and the level of understanding was praiseworthy by the community as well. There was a resulting community uproar that ultimately only contributed to significantly increasing its success.

ELO boosting is an essential vintage method that got incorporated to evaluate chess players for the first time. As time progressed, it developed into an element of myriad two-player gaming and several competitive diversions. As a matter of fact, even online video games did not prevent ELO boost from being consolidated to rank participants.

Riot Games’ approach to ELO boosting

Although commonly accepted, the Riot games themselves are incredibly disregarded and do not vouch for ELO boosting. Nevertheless, in any circumstance, Riot games have not ever messed with or set any limitations on the ELO boosters. The developers behind Riot Games rather watch and identify any bugs in their method, and only correct them. It helps Riot Games manage and fix their system breakdowns, providing ELO boosters with a restriction-free environment to conduct their services.

How ELO boost Rankings Work

ELO boosting rankings, along with every other ranking system, follow a specific mathematical equation to assess a player’s overall performance. As per the formula, performance rating gets determined by adding the rating +400 per victory, -400 per defeat of the opponent, and then dividing that amount by the total number of matches.

Specific Requirements of ELO boosters

When it comes to boosting, there is a set of conditions that ELO boosters must abide by before undertaking a boosting request. Some of the notable requirements include.

  • The booster must abide by the rules of not spoiling their identity as a booster.
  • There is a minimum winning criterion that the booster must fulfill, depending on the game.
  • Booster must not communicate with the people on the customer’s friend list.
  • Booster must not lose composure and show toxic behavior during games that might lead to a possible suspension of the customer’s account.

The boosting process is not only about winning

At some point, anyone can mess up and commit a critical mistake in the game that might result in a loss. The same goes for boosting as a person is playing the game, and no matter how good they are, sometimes things do not work in your favor. In such cases, the booster will have to play additional games to make up for the losses. For example, if someone purchases five ranked games and the booster loses one game, they will have to play six games to meet the customer’s request.

ELO Coaching sessions

There are several boosting platforms these days that offer coaching services to the customers. The coaching helps in explaining the most critical parts of the game. It includes how to tackle and make the most beneficial choice when facing a particular situation. The coach can help point out your mistakes and answer all your questions related to the game.

If you have an excellent coach, it can work wonders for your gameplay and might bring forth the true hidden potential that can get you close to a professional player level.

There is more to ELO boosting than just ranked games

ELO is not just about raising the ranks, but players also sign up for services that involve new accounts and even play the placement/calibration games. The latest rankings depend on these games and previous season division. The more wins you accumulate, the better you earn the chances to place higher in the ranks.

The boosters play and attempt to win as many games as possible, which benefits immensely in setting up a solid foundation for you for the rest of the season. It is always a good idea to start as high as possible for better quality games and playing in a more competitive environment.

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