Path of Exile – Impale Cyclone Champion Gear Build Tips

If you have been looking to check out the Champion ascendancy class, then you will find that it is definitely worth your time doing so. This article will give you an idea of how you can use your PoE currency and PoE orbs to get the Impale Cyclone Champion build. We will mainly be focusing on how what the best gear is for the PoE build, so you are best equipped going forward. With that being said, here is what you need to know about the Impale Cyclone Champion Gear Build.

A Brief PoE Build Insight

There are a lot of advantages to this PoE build. It is certainly useful for Hardcore, and you will find that its clear speed is pretty good. It also has good single target damage and mitigation if you do approach this method. The fact that you will be playing as a physical build will also help you with monster resistances. This method is decent for the price too so you don’t have to worry too much about your PoE currency, though the damage output could be improved with using swords.

If you are looking for a new league-starter build, then this is definitely the place to be. The gear that you will be getting will have a great amount to Life, and will also improve physical attacks. Here is the gear that you should consider using.

PoE Build Gear

The way in which you can build the gear here can prove expensive on your PoE orbs, especially if you wish to use a 6-link. Therefore, you should consider using a five-link instead, at least until you have the relevant resources needed.

To get started with the Helmet, you want to find a rare item along with affixes that will increase elemental resistances and increase maximum life, the same of which can be applied to the gloves that you find, as well as looking into increased attack speed. Meanwhile, Carcass Jack, Loreweave and Belly of the Beast are all great armour sets to compliment this Path of Exile build.

Well-rolled rares are the running theme of this Path of Exile build, as they should be a part of every aspect of it. If you are working on a budget with your PoE currency, then the Belt of the Deceiver is a great option, which you can find in the game or on PoE Trade. When it comes to boots, Kaom’s Roots are a great option to use, then combine with a Steel Ring to give you more output damage. Ultimately, just make sure that you have well-rolled rares in each area and you will be fine.

For your weapons, Jack the Axe is a good stand-in until you can find a better option, but finding a better rare axe should be a priority with weapons. As for Flasks, your most important to consider is the Divine Life Flask. If you want a balanced attack/defence flask, then Lion’s Roar is useful as well. There are PoE unique flasks to consider too, but if you have non-PoE uniques then make sure to have immunity to bleed, freeze and curse to help you out.

And that is the basics that you need to know about what gear to have. It shouldn’t be too detrimental on your PoE currency either, which is surely good news. You don’t really need to worry too much about the Jewels either, though a Watcher’s Eye can be useful despite its price. In this regard, make sure you prioritize max life and physical damage for your jewels. Apart from that, you should be good to go to get started with the Impale Cyclone Champion build in Path of Exile.

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