The Witcher has its own mobile AR game to hunt monsters

Gaming trends are changing and the media used to access those games are also changing. Before, the only way to play was through a console, until the computer arrived. Both consoles and computers were increased in power and, like her, also their possibilities. Over time, a third competitor emerged: the mobile phone.

To this day, and taking into account the comfort offered by the terminals, about 83% of gamers use only their mobile phone as a platform to play. Behind are the consoles with a 67% market share and the computer, with a 62% current total share.

The games also change, both the graphic level and the gameplay, even down to the theme.

The big surprise of the previous decade was the online casino games that could be played from the mobile phone. The live dealer version seems more legitimate for the millennial, in the same way as other online games.

Other interesting figures of millennials and their inseparable friend: the mobile phone

The mobile has become an indispensable element for the millennial. More than 60% take it with them when they go out at night, and almost 50% use it when they go on a field trip on a weekend.

As we have already mentioned, the current player prefers gaming. Millennials declare that, although it is true that the power of mobile phones does not reach that of consoles, they allow us to do several things at the same time (for example, we can be playing a game, at the same time we listen to music, or that we are answering the messages that come to us through WhatsApp). This multitasking behavior occurs in 58% of millennials.

Girls prefer to use their mobile phone to play games as a form of entertainment while going to work, as a way to make the journey more bearable (21%). About 39% of kids prefer to wait until they get home to play a game, and they usually prefer to play games online, both with their friends, and with anyone around the world.

MMORPGs (massive online role-playing games) are usually the clear favorites. They are role-playing video games that allow the player to enter a virtual world with their friends or strangers, interacting with each other and doing different events.

Casino games are also very popular: they are now optimized to be fully functional for portable devices, allowing for a much more immersive experience. Online roulette is one of the millennial’s favorite games.

It is important to note that this category is the one with the highest return on investment by the brand. About 54% of gamers complete the installation process and register for the different games. In addition, of these, 14.13% end up making a purchase in the application. The average to close a sale in this sector is estimated to be $ 55.33 per user.

In connection with the data above, The Witcher is one game that is very popular among millennials.

Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish writer known for his fantasy novels with Slavic overtones and influences, sold to CD Projekt RED, a studio in his native country, the rights to the Geralt of Rivia saga, the first installment of which had been published in 1986 with a great success with the public and critics.

CD Projekt had been one of the companies that most supported the distribution of Western-style role-playing games in its country of origin, taking care of the distribution of sagas such as ‘Baldur’s Gate’, but with the purchase of Geralt’s rights to Rivia wanted to develop their own saga, something that ended up materializing in 2007, when ‘The Witcher’ came to PC, this being a Western-style role-playing title that popularized the adventures of the sorcerer outside of Poland, which by then had seven works in his native country.

In it we control Geralt himself, who after curing the king’s daughter, is transferred to the fortress of Kaer Morhen, which is attacked shortly after his arrival, so he and the rest of the witches decide to undertake various trips to find out who is behind the attack and what their intentions are.

The international success of this first adventure, where players could choose between three different fighting styles and a strong presence of alchemy, led to a second installment reaching the market in 2011 as a development for PC and Xbox 360 where the studio was already developing its own graphics engine, REDEngine, after having used Bioware’s Aurora in the first installment.

 Embroidered Patch showing the Logo of Cintra, one of Northern Kingdoms in The Witcher

The change of the graphic engine was not the only novelty that this sequel incorporated, where Geralt became one of the last sorcerers that inhabit the world, allowing the player to take in this adventure several forks of the story that lead to several different endings depending on the actions performed. The success of the franchise ended up being settled with this sequel, which once again expanded the universe created by the Polish writer, making the saga even better known to the point that several distributors were interested in the saga and the benefits it could bring.

By then CD Projekt had developed its own digital distribution service, GOG, and the publication of this sequel on the service was one of the great events of it, as it did not include any type of DRM.

Four years later ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ arrived on the market, considered by many fans of the genre as the greatest exponent of the Western role in recent years thanks to its playable possibilities to a graphic aspect that showed the brute force that the engine created by the studio was able to manage on the eighth generation machines. For the fans, using emblems to identify with favorite heroes is common.

Between the launch of this installment and its predecessor, various minor projects were carried out for mobile devices or focused exclusively on online possibilities, something from which the main saga has always fled, because according to the study they want to create a solid project to enjoy independently.

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