Top 5 Heaviest Home Consoles Ever

With the two next-generation consoles on the way, their abnormal dimensions and never-before-seen sizes seem to have dazzled gamers everywhere. Many of them have probably sized up their TV furniture, wondering just where they’ll put the behemoths (and my sympathies go out to those who have to fit both)

But besides their dimensions, I was among the few also wondering about their weight. You see, around the time the Xbox One X released, I did an article about the Heaviest Home Consoles (Click here to read it) and I was curious just how much I’d have to update it.

Will the PS5 or Xbox Series X reign as the new Heavyweight Champion of the World? Let’s find out!

Tumbling down all the way from second place is the OG Xbox. With its 3.85kg, it’s a hefty boy, but it seems like the ranking has been shaken up 👀

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition enters the top 5 in fourth place with 3.9kg. Weighing more than the average newborn baby, but just as likely to receive love from its proud parents.

We’ve breached the 4kg threshold with the Xbox Series X, weighing in at 4.45kg. (If you’re wondering where the Series S lands: it’s just a bit shy of 2kg so it had no business being anywhere near the rest of these). The tower of power sure packs a ton, but it’s only good enough for third place.

Coming in hot at second place is the PlayStation 5 with 4.5kg. It was a close race with the Series X, but this big-boi isn’t only massive in size, it makes the scale sweat too. Better lift with your legs when you take this one home from the store!

So who’s sitting at the top of the ranking?

The Playstation 3 remains the Heavyweight Champion of the World of Home Consoles! With its 5kg, it’s very likely to hold its top spot forever.

Which next-gen console are you taking home in November? And will you be able to find a nice place for them near your TV or monitor? Let us know in the comments!

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