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Roguelike video games are a bit of a mixed bag for me. Some of them I really enjoy while others not so much so I never quite know what to expect when I jump into a new one. Publisher Team17 and developer Aggro Crab Games have just released a new one called Going Under that I got the opportunity to play for this review and after doing that I’m filing this one under really enjoyed.

Going Under is best described as a roguelike dungeon crawler with an awesome colorful visual style. In the game you play as an intern named Jackie who has just started work at a startup company named Fizzle. Jackie took the internship thinking she would be doing one type of work but her boss Marv ends up assigning her a different job. That job is to head to the lower parts of the building and clear out the businesses down there that have gone under. Oh, and the employees who worked for these failed companies are now monsters that you have to defeat. What a great day at work this is going to be.

What I loved about Going Under is that it doesn’t take itself seriously and is full of humor throughout. It’s nice to play a game that can I can get some legitimate laughs out of as those don’t come around too often. I mean one of the three failed company dungeons that you have to get through is called Winkydink which is funny enough. As far as how this game plays it’s very much a dungeon crawling type game as you’ll move from room to room defeating all of the enemies in each one on your way to the next. Each of the companies has their own types of enemies such as the goblins, skeletons, bats, and more and they all have their own way of attacking you that sets them apart. Some rooms will have a bonus perk for you to find that lasts throughout the rest of the dungeon while other rooms might have a risk/reward type of thing for you to accept. Shops are also located about and you can spend coins you pick up from defeating enemies here. There are new skills to acquire, upgrades to your health, and other things to spend that hard-earned intern cash on.

Now what are you fighting the enemies in the game with? Well pretty much almost anything you see that can be picked up. Chairs, monitors, fire extinguishers, and all sorts of other things can be picked up and used to knock these fallen workers out. Different weapons also have different elemental properties making them quite useful in different situations. These items do break over time though so you can’t get used to any one thing. You can also carry up to three items at a time and switch between them using the shoulder buttons on the Dualshock 4. What I do wish it did though was equip your next weapon when one breaks. The way it works now is that you are left with your fists when the currently equipped one breaks leaving you to scramble for a second to hit the button to switch to another one. Apps are something else in the game that bestow upon you different abilities like being able to use a flash that stuns enemies.

Other people you work with can be spoken to in the game and they’ll provide fun dialog as well as give you side missions to complete. Do these and you can even gain a character as a mentor which opens up new perks for you to use. While I enjoyed my time playing it I do wish there was more than just the three dungeons as I felt like I saw everything the game had to offer pretty quickly even if the rooms are different each time.

Going Under is a roguelite dungeon crawler that offers up plenty of style, humor, and challenging gameplay. It runs out of new things to see with there only being three dungeons but the wide array of weapons and upgrades will help give you a reason to go back to job over and over should you want to.

*Going Under is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Going Under





  • Fun story that is full of humor
  • Fun combat system with lots of perks and weapons that help keep things feeling fresh
  • Colorful, great looking art style
  • Good amount of variety in enemy types


  • Only three dungeons means you'll see most of what it has to offer quickly
  • Weapons don't switch out when one breaks
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