How the Gambling Industry is Utilising Mobile Technology

There isn’t a big industry out there that doesn’t utilise mobile technology to enhance its service. One of those is the gambling industry, we have seen great changes in this sector, and many of these changes have been pushed forward by mobile technology.

Gone are the days where people would travel to their local betting shop to place their bets or visit their local casino. These were initially replaced by gaming on computers, either betting or casino gaming, but now we are seeing them move onto mobile devices.

This has effectively put us in a situation where those who want to, can have their bookmaker or a casino in their pockets, waiting for when they want to play.

The Convenience Factor

It doesn’t really matter what you do in life, we all want things to be as convenient as possible.

This goes for things such as our food ordering, how we shop for clothing and much more. Whatever we do, it has to be convenient. The gambling industry has recognised this, and many bookmakers and casinos have worked hard to get their mobile service as good as it can possibly be.

One key factor for gambling convenience is that people can use the mobile technology on offer to place their bets while they are at sporting events. For example, those sitting watching Premier League games in the stands can place their bets on the game rather than have to put them on before they head to the game.

This can be replicated over any sporting event, so if you are in attendance, you can bet on your mobile when you need to.

How Gambling Companies are Expanding Their Service Via Mobiles

One of the ways in which the gambling industry has been able to support their customers is by enhancing the service they offer. Many bookmakers now offer mobile apps to bet on, while casinos are going the same way, we have seen many new casino apps created.

These apps have the full service on offer, so you will see live games, streaming, offers and promotions as well as much more.

Players no longer need to sign up anywhere else, they can use their mobile device for everything, including using a welcome bonus. The Paddy Power risk free bet bonus is a typical example of what new customers can claim when they sign up with a bookmaker.

In terms of bookmakers, they have ensured that every part of their service is also available. Many bookmakers offer live streaming, in play betting and much more on their mobile apps, these are new and key parts of their service that many players use.

What Could We See in the Future?

It is highly likely that the entire world is going to move towards mobile even more in the future. We are certainly expecting to see that in the betting industry, with more players using an app to play casino games or place sports bets.

This is likely to put us in a position where every bookmaker and casino not only needs a mobile service, but they need a state of the art mobile app to attract any players at all.

If you look at the gaming industry, one of the biggest new consoles in recent years has been the Nintendo Switch. You can play games away from home on that, the main reason why it sells so well.

The moment that more players use the app than use the desktop site, things will have to change. Bookmakers and casinos will have to focus on this side of their service, and ensure that every part of what they offer can be found.

Focus is moving, and as players flip over to mobile gambling, so will the focus from bookmakers.

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