What You Should Know About Support Garment

Support garments or compression clothing is a type of clothing that applies mechanical pressure to the surface of the covered part, thus providing support through compression. Research suggests that there are a number of benefits from wearing compression garments. The most common claims are performance enhancement and muscle recovery – for example, if you get injured and have to go to somewhere offering urgent care in houston, or wherever you are based, for treatment, you may find yourself wearing one these garments as part of your recovery from the injury. The findings, however, indicate that these specialized garments do provide assistance in muscle recovery, but it is inconclusive on the performance part.

Here are some of the things that you’ll need to consider when wearing these apparel:

1.   It’s All About the Fit

If you underwent a medical procedure such as liposuction around your abdomen, you might be advised to wear a compression garment around the area for a week or two afterward. But you can’t just wear anything that falls under its category, you’ll need to find the right fit for your body. Getting the right design to fit the contours of your body will help you be comfortable as you go about your day.

It is also worth noting that your fit allows for the right amount of compression provided by the support garments. Literature about this issue often comes up when a study is inspected under a microscope. In sports, there is no definite measure of the pressure or support provided by the garments during the tests. Right now, fitting is left to the wearer and the comfort level they’re experiencing with the garment.

2.   It Has Clinical Applications

As mentioned above, undergoing a medical procedure may invoke the need to wear support garments. But that’s not all, persons with deep vein thrombosis or other thrombotic conditions benefit from compression socks for cheap by preventing or relieving its symptoms. This goes the same with varicose vein and venous insufficiency as compression stockings alleviate symptoms by improving blood flow.

One of the recognized benefits of support garments is its aid in recovery. It doesn’t only help in muscle recovery but also for wounds. The right compression garment can help:

  • Reduce the risk of contour deformities after liposuction surgery.
  • It also improves the outcome.
  • It minimizes swelling and bruises associated with an injury.
  • It helps in blood circulation, which aids in recovery.
  • Scar tissue is mitigated.
  • It helps apply pressure on hard to reach areas.

3.   In Sports

Compression garments are popular in sports due to their recovery functions. One study had 30 healthy marathoners wear compression socks after each event for 48 hours. The objective was to find out if wearing those specialized socks would help in their recovery two weeks later. All of the participants were made to run until exhaustion a couple of weeks prior and after the marathon. The group that wore the legitimate compression socks showed an increase of time to exhaustion by 2.6%, while those that were on placebo knock-off socks decreased by 3.4%. They also report a decrease in muscle soreness after the event.

Aside from recovery, there is no clear benefit of compression garments in sports, contrary to the myriad of claims they’ll say on their commercials. The research did not show a clear difference between those who wear support garments, sham support garments, and those who don’t.

Support garments are specialized in a way that provides certain benefits under appropriate conditions. Commercially they are hyped, which invokes unrealistic expectations from these apparel. So make sure you use them as they are intended and nothing more, especially if you’re an athlete looking to gain an edge in the competition.

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