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Crysis will always be remembered as that first-person shooter that everyone used to test how good their PC hardware was. The game first released back in 2007 and the visuals that it was pulling off at the time were jaw dropping. It went on to produce two sequels all of which I played and enjoyed on last-gen consoles. Now in 2020 the original Crysis is back in Crysis Remastered thanks to Crytek and Saber Interactive. Is this first-person shooter remaster worth putting on your Nanosuit for or should it have stayed in the past?

For those who are new to the game the story in Crysis has you playing as a soldier named Nomad who sets out to an island with the rest of his group to take down the North Korean presence. Nomad’s group are all equipped with advanced suits called Nanosuits that give them enhanced abilities and they’ll need them as they soon find out that there is an alien threat on this island as well. The story isn’t anything special especially all the years later but for something that lets you take down enemies in a super powered suit it serves its purpose.

The gameplay in this original Crysis game is still solid but many shooters since have done things better. Given you are on this island you are given the freedom to approach your mission objectives as you see fit. You can go into fights guns blazing, stealthy using your Nanosuit powers, or try something else. All of the guns still feel great to shoot whether it be an auto rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, or one of the many others and combining them with your Nanosuit’s powers is still a great feeling. Sadly, the enemy AI is annoying at times and I wish some work could’ve been done to it to improve it. The biggest issue I had with it was their uncanny ability to detect you which makes being stealthy a huge pain. There is no reason why someone way off in the distance should’ve been able to see me but it happened time and time again. Besides that, the AI is also quite dumb at times as there were several encounters where they just kind of waited for me to shoot at them first.

Anyone who has played this game before is really here to learn about how the graphics have been improved for this remastered version. On the PlayStation 4 Pro that I reviewed this on I had the option to enable a few different visual modes. One prioritizes image quality, one lets you use the ray tracing support that Crytek built for this game, and one focuses on performance. The image quality mode will get you the highest resolution but it is dynamic so it will rise and lower while playing. The other modes have to sacrifice resolution quality to enable the ray tracing features and better framerate. The ray tracing support is cool to see on current-generation consoles but it didn’t impress me that much and is only really noticeable in certain areas of the game. I also think that this game isn’t that impressive visually anymore as many things in this remaster, such as textures and faces, just look kind of ugly. It does have great lighting effects though and the newly added HDR support makes it even better.

The framerate isn’t the best either no matter what mode you choose to play on. I personally think the performance mode is the best way to play this but even it has problems. The framerate isn’t locked but it feels better than the other modes for a reason. Both of the other modes have a weird issue where they run at 31 frames per second which causes the game to feel off. When the next generation consoles arrive I have a feeling the performance mode on this will run a lot better when played through backward compatibility and I hope the other two modes can be patched to do something about that odd framerate that they run at.

Crysis Remastered is still a solid first-person shooter in 2020 but more could’ve been done to make it better. The open-ended gameplay still makes running around in the Nanosuit a fun power trip but the problems with enemy AI do sour the experience a bit. The odd graphical and performance issues also bring the experience down. If you never played Crysis or were a die-hard fan there is fun to be had here but you may want to wait for a sale or for some tuning to be applied.  

*Crysis Remastered is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on a PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Crysis Remastered





  • Gunplay still feels good and the Nanosuit powers are still fun to use
  • New lighting system and water effects look great
  • Open ended design gives you freedom to approach situations to your liking


  • Textures and characters models look poor
  • Performance doesn't feel good on two of the modes
  • AI has issues
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