Different Self Exclusion Tools in Different Markets

Online casino gaming has become very popular in the United Kingdom since it was introduced back in 1994. The number of people playing casino games online continues to grow rapidly as people realize the advantages of staying in their own home while trying to win significant money.

People who enjoy casino gaming no longer need to make a special trip to a resort or casino and spend time and money getting there. They can now stay in their own home and play their favorite games like slots, blackjack, poker and craps while still in their pajamas.

While most people place healthy limits on their gambling, it does become a problem for some people. They gamble too often or bet money they honestly cannot afford to lose. To help these people overcome their issues with gambling, some online casinos created the idea of self-exclusion from online gambling sites.

The most well known of these self-exclusion organization is Gamstop. If you choose to self-exclude on their Web site, you will be unable to open a new account of access an existing account on any of the Gamstop casinos online throughout the UK.

But Gamstop is not the only game in town. Many online casinos do not participate in Gamstop and offer different methods of self-excluding from their Web site. You can find the Best Real Money Online Roulette Casinos.

There are other ways to self-exclude as well for gamblers who choose not to limit themselves to casinos that participate in Gamstop. For example, some people choose to use Gamban, a blocking software that blocks only gambling websites across the U.K. Unlike Gamstop, there is a small fee for using Gamban although Gamban works for both iOS and Android devices and works for all gambling-related sites in the country, not just those affiliated with Gamstop.

Another option that some U.K. citizens use to self-exclude is NetNanny. This software has been in use since 1995. The company has a lot of experience at helping people block undesired Web sites. NetNanny will cost you money, but it has even more protection than the other options mentioned previously and even has a way to detect if you’re trying to get around their blocking software.

Citizens across the United Kingdom have several options if they want to self-exclude from online gambling sites across the country. Hopefully, you will never experience a serious gambling problem. But if you do, these tools can help you get past this problem and correct potentially harmful behavior.   

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