Vampire’s Fall: Origins Review – Xbox One

Looking for a new game that will remind you of the good old classic RPGs? Vampire’s Fall: Origins from developer Early Morning Studio just might be the thing for you. It’s a 2D open-world RPG that very much is a callback to classic RPGs of the past. It released on mobile devices some time ago but is now available on Xbox One which I played for this review. How does it stack up?

The style of Vampire’s Fall: Origins will likely give you some Diablo vibes once you get into the game. It isn’t just the premise that reminded me of Diablo but the visuals and gothic art style as well. The story picks up in the village of Vamp’Ire which is attacked by an enemy known as the Witchmaster. Your character ends up dying but returns as a Vampire to seek revenge. The story isn’t original at all but it was enough for me to keep playing. Before you start off you are able to create your character somewhat which includes the option of picking from one of four different vampire families. They each have something that makes them a bit different but I don’t think it really affects too much in the game.

Once I got to playing and out into the world, I found it to be pretty large actually. There are plenty of towns and places within them to visit along with people to talk to. The game gives you dialog choices when talking and some of the choices you can choose are quite funny. You can always just skip through them as well if you want to. Different characters will give you quests and this game has a ton of them. You can easily get 30+ hours out of this although many of the quests do get repetitive which is a shame. They aren’t all bad though as every now and then I did get a side mission that was a bit more original and interesting.

Fights in the game occur randomly while traversing the world much like in a Pokemon game. Battles are turn-based and you have several options during them for actions. You can attack with your weapons which are usually your weaker attacks. During the fight you’ll build up a focus bar and by filling this up you’re able to use special abilities that can dish out a lot more damage to enemies. As you win fights, you’ll level your character up and be able to unlock new skills in the skill trees in the game giving you even more options to use in combat. Over the course of the game I did find some of the fights to be a bit unbalanced at times. I would be fighting some fights and having no problem and then I’d get into the next one and find my butt getting kicked. It’s possible I just had to grind some more during these times to level up but I spent a lot of time grinding in this game and it just got kind of old after a while. Battles could’ve been a bit easier if you were able to use items during them, for example to heal yourself, but the game doesn’t let you do that. Instead you have to wait until it’s over to use them which I didn’t like.

Vampire’s Fall: Origin is a solid little throwback RPG but its mobile roots do show. Those origins are apparent in both the visuals and the repetitive mission design. You do get a lot of content here though especially for a game priced as low as this one is. If you’re looking to spend some as a vampire and explore a vast world then you might want to check this one.

*Vampire’s Fall: Origin is available now on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on an Xbox One X. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins





  • Vast open-world with tons of content
  • Interesting battle system
  • Lots of ways to upgrade your vampire


  • Too many repetitive missions
  • You'll have to do a lot of grinding
  • Story wasn't that interesting
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