How Will Next-Gen consoles Affect e-Sports

Gaming has gradually evolved from a pastime activity to a full-on career option for some. Millions of dollars are spent each year on organizing esports gaming events and millions more are spent on esports betting.

Historically, almost all esports games have been played strictly on PCs. But this is about to change. Sony and Microsoft have both announced the launch of their newest gaming consoles and gaming enthusiasts are already salivating looking at the specifications and power that they offer. They claim to offer more performance compared to even some mid-tier gaming PC’s. Microsoft has promised 4k resolution and 120fps gaming with their top of the line series X console, while Sony is providing a blisteringly fast SSD, providing lag-free loading. Also, both consoles are offering real-time ray tracing, a feature that is bound to have a great impact on the gaming experience.

For the first time, few developers, including those of Fortnite and Destiny 2 will be providing `cross-generational´ support, which allows the players to bring forward the progress in the previous generation console, as well as to play with the players using the previous generation consoles.

Potential changes that we could see in esports

As mentioned earlier, PC has been the mainstay of esport gaming, due to unlimited refresh rates and high frame rates due to high powered CPUs. Many of the top esports titles like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and DOTA 2 are PC only.

As the majority of professional gamers prefer to have the games at 120-144 fps, consoles have always been trying to hit that mark, and with the latest generation, they have succeeded in doing so, opening a new avenue for future games.

Some console games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War too are expected to make the most of the better power and higher refresh rates that the newer consoles offer. Games such as Smite and Paladins, which are available on both PCs and consoles, are expected to give a push to console gaming.


Sony has unveiled its new controllers named Dualsense. These controllers provide haptic feedback during the course of the game, providing a variety of sensations like the grittiness of driving a car through mud, and the tension of drawing a bow while shooting an arrow.


While graphics have been the top priority for gamers and developers, the auditory sensations have so far been in the backseat. But that is about to change, with both Sony and Microsoft providing futuristic audio on their next-gen consoles. The new audio technology is said to be so powerful that players will be able to hear even the individual raindrops falling inside the gaming environment!


Both Microsoft and Sony are coming out with two variants of their new consoles, one offering bleeding edge specifications, while another, a slightly toned-down version which is affordable to a larger population. With the gaming consoles becoming more affordable than ever before, the popularity of gaming and esports will only increase.

The new plan by Microsoft

Microsoft has been very active recently, buying out game developers and offering services like the Game Pass and xCloud to the gamers. These services will make new games more affordable and provide a seamless experience for gamers playing games across platforms.

In conclusion, these are exciting times for esports enthusiasts and gamers. So far in this challenging year, online gaming has provided much relief from stress, and given us a way to connect and socialize with our friends and family, without having to leave our homes. Thanks to the immense competition between the hardware manufacturers, and the software developers taking advantage of these developments, the consumer will be the end winner.

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