The Absolute Worst Games Ever Made for PlayStation and Xbox

With the release of different gaming console units throughout the years, a wide range of quality games have also been launched and developed. Although most of the launched games for consoles like PlayStation and Xbox have been a hit, there are also some games that went on the flip side. Determined by bad ratings, these games are criticized for a lot of factors such as poor graphics and confusing user interface. If you’re planning to buy new games for your console, here is a list of games that have gotten negative reviews from critics to help you choose more wisely.


            Rogue warrior is a first-person shooter game where you play the character of Richard ‘Demo Dick’ Marcinko in an intense action multiplayer combat. Scored 27/100 by critics, they argued that this is one of the worst games of all time. According to a website dedicated to discussing flop games, Crappy Games Wiki, Rogue Warrior has poor graphics, delayed Artificial Intelligence responses, and weak narrative with nearly inaccurate grasp of Cold War history. Its terrible gunplay is also the main reason why the game is frustrating.


            Initially, you’ll be delighted with the arcade-style gameplay of this NBA court simulation game where you can play with your friend or with an AI. But when you get to enter the game, you will be welcomed by the unresponsive controls and displeasing visuals. The in-game visual angles are intractable so it’s confusing and difficult to get a grasp on what’s happening during games. NBA Unrivaled is also very unreasonably expensive for its poor quality. Fortunately, the game was delisted in 2010.


            Unlike the popular Fast & Furious movies, there is hardly any hint of entertainment in the game Fast & Furious Showdown. According to an IGN review, this game has terrible story telling, low-budget cinematics, and endless load times. For $40, the game is too short that you can finish all levels immediately in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Overall, Fast & Furious Showdown lacks quality and is not worth it for its price. IGN also emphasized that this is one of the worst-reviewed video games in 2013.


            Ride to Hell is a violent-filled action adventure game with a very tragic narrative brought by the out of touch approach to societal issues like sex and violence. It has an irritating amount of bugs and compatibility issues to the point that it is nearly unplayable. Scoring a total of 1.3/10 in Metacritic, critics said that playing Ride to Hell is just a huge waste of time.

WWE 2K20

            WWE 2k20 is a professional wrestling video game described by critics as boring and frustrating. True enough, the game is really laggy and comes with a lot of glitches. Most of the time, you will need to restart the game itself because the game collapses even in the middle of matches. The outdated graphics will make you feel like it’s 2010 and you’re playing the game on a PSP. With WWE 2k20’s sloppy functions, it is indeed very unwise to spend $60 on this piece of frustration.

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