Why You Should Use VPN on Xbox

There are many benefits to using a VPN (a virtual private network) on PC and other devices. However, not many people know that a VPN can also be set-up on an Xbox. It’s very fast and easy to get it up and running on your console. To begin with, let’s look at how easy it is to set the VPN up. 

Whilst Xbox consoles don’t literally support VPN, there’s generally two methods that allow you to use it on Xbox. The first method requires setting up the VPN on another device and then sharing it with the Xbox console. However, there is an easier method. Using the second method, the Smart DNS method, you can get VPN running on Xbox and its benefits much easier. To start with, download VPN for Xbox and follow the 12 steps. 

One of the biggest benefits of using VPN on Xbox is that it removes the region lock from many entertainment apps. VPN on Xbox allows you to access streaming apps from any region. Streaming apps often have different catalogues of content that vary by region, such as Netflix US and Netflix UK. By using VPN, you can access Netflix US from the UK. 

Secondly, VPN can also make sure that your ISP doesn’t throttle your bandwidth. Sometimes if your ISP sees that you’re doing a lot of gaming or streaming, they can throttle your internet bandwidth. The beauty of a VPN is that your ISP cannot track or see what you’re doing thus meaning they can’t throttle your internet bandwidth and you can carry on doing all the gaming or streaming you want. 

Have you ever received a message from an angry gamer telling you they’re going to hack your IP address or something related? Well, by using VPN on Xbox, you can protect yourself in the eventuality someone might actually try this. All of those things 

are addressed by having a VPN hide your IP and protect your digital identity online.

VPNs are quickly becoming essential for avid internet users as ISPs take more and more control over tracking what you do online. Further, the benefit of being able to access apps that would otherwise be locked to you due to your geographical location is also an amazing bonus of using a VPN. 

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