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When casino games and video games combine, the results can either be extraordinary or fall well wide of the mark. Throughout history, there have been countless instances of casino mini games being included in popular video games with Pokémon and Red Dead Redemption being two of the most famous examples. This proves that the fusion can be done right, but it is not always like this…

What about when video games actually inspire casino games? This is even harder to get right but when a software developer does pull it off, they are often some of the most popular games on the market. Here are four of the very best of all time.

Tomb Raider Slot Game

Lara Croft – the protagonist in the Tomb Raider series – is a massively endearing video game character. Independent, badass and equipped with some awesome special abilities, Lara has been a favourite among gamers for many years. Because of this, it is no surprise that Microgaming attempted to cash in on her popularity by licensing a Tomb Raider slot game. The game is always near the top of the most played lists and it’s easy to see why. Featuring 15 different paylines and a good payout rate, it is one of the best RTG casino games on the market.

Call of Duty

Video game franchises do not come much bigger than Call of Duty. Frequently winning gaming awards, the shoot’em up boosts an incredible amount of players. Amaya Gaming decided to get in on the party recently, developing a charming CoD slot. The game features iconography and graphics that will be familiar to players of the series, including machine guns, grenades and different icons from the game’s ‘perks’ system. The slot has five reels and a total of 25 different paylines, as well as a fully licensed soundtrack to further increase player immersion.

Street Fighter

Bursting onto the arcade scene in the 1980s, Street Fighter remains as popular today as it was back then. As the name suggests, the game pits two fighters up against each other, all of whom possess some brilliant cartoony and over the top special moves. If you want to get the Street Fighter experience without purchasing the full game, you could do a lot worse than checking out the slot game variant. Each time you win on the five reel, 25 payline slot, you are treated to some brilliant retro graphics from some of the earliest games.

Resident Evil

From one beloved video game series to another, Resident Evil has also received the casino treatment in recent times. If you like survivalist zombie games, then this slot is 100% the one for you. All the symbols used in the slot will be very familiar to fans. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the Umbrella Corp logo as well. Landing on this will trigger a load of free spins. All in all, the slot has five reels and 20 different paylines. It is a popular choice among video games and casino fans.

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