Christmas 2020:10 of the Best Gifts for Gamers

It all started humbly enough in 1972.

Some brilliant mind thought, If only I could take ping-pong with me everywhere I go, and alas, Pong the arcade game was born. Fast-forward to the present, and by 2025, the gaming industry is projected to be worth an astonishing $256.97 billion.

Over 2.5 billion people play games worldwide. That number of individuals contributes to a $90 billion video gaming market.

Knowing this, it’s highly likely you have a dedicated gamer in your life—which begs the question come Christmastime: what are the best gifts for gamers? This question is especially tough to answer for those with no idea what a gamer would or wouldn’t like to see under the Christmas tree.

Don’t be that person who gets a lackluster, unappealing gift that gets unused for weeks before being donated or thrown in the trash. (You know who we’re talking about.)

Never fear. In this guide, we cover ten of the best presents for the gamer in your life. Keep reading to see cool gifts for gamers that’ll make you the coolest friend or family member they know!

1. Noise-Canceling, Bluetooth-Compatible Headphones

There’s nothing better for a gamer than the chance to hear their game at their preferred volume level without disturbing others nearby in the house.

With noise-canceling, Bluetooth headphones, the gamer in your life will never again hear the dreaded, “Can you turn that down already!?” Instead, they’ll be able to play their game and hear every distinct sound, down to the footsteps of the enemy sneaking up behind them.

Make sure you buy something wireless for a convenient, tangle-free connection. And speaking of wire-free . . .

2. That Coveted, Brand-New Wireless Controller

Is the gamer in your life still using the stock version of controllers that came with their console?

If so, it’s time for a serious upgrade. Wireless controllers are now sleek, decorated (or not), sensitive to the touch, and incredibly accurate. In other words, the recipe for a perfect game-day.

You’ll obviously have to know what type of device they prefer—PC? PlayStation? Xbox?—but that information is easy to sniff out. Once you know what console they’re playing on, have fun narrowing down the many options and choosing something that fits their style and personality.

3. A Comfortable and Futuristic-Looking Gaming Chair

If your gamer friend spends a lot (and we mean a lot) of time playing video games, they need a gaming chair that’s comfortable and supportive of good posture. There’s nothing worse than waking up from a gaming slumber only to realize your back is absolutely killing you!

Luckily for you, the excellent gift-giver, there are several options when it comes to gaming chairs—which means having a great price range. Whether you want to keep it budget-friendly or you want to really splurge, you’ll have choices.

Look for a seat with a higher back, know whether you want bells and whistles (such as installed speakers), and consider factors like weight, incline, and material used. You’ll want to find the perfect balance of features and practicalities so that your gamer can hang out for a few hours without discomfort.

4. The Experience of a VR Headset

VR, or virtual reality, is still in its beginning stages, but that doesn’t mean anything is compromised in terms of excitement.

VR headsets have several fun benefits for the gamer in your life who wants to experience something new. They’re immersive machines that allow for gameplay and various other applications; they are fairly affordable compared to other high-techy products you might be looking at. They’re also new enough that your gamer can feel like the trendsetter in their friend group.

You can choose from a variety of VR headsets that are pairable with any number of platforms, from mobile phones and PCs to PS4 and more.

5. The Newly-Released Videogame on Their Wishlist

There’s always something new in the gaming world. Perhaps it’s a fully-remastered version of their already-favorite game, or maybe it’s something they’ve never played before. Regardless, you can almost guarantee that a gamer has a few wishlist items stirring around in their head!

Casually talk to your gamer over dinner and see if you can sift out what game they desperately want but haven’t committed to buying yet. Or, if you already know what games they do love, research whether any new versions are coming out. They’ll be so surprised you picked something up for them without them even asking!

Some exciting new pre-release video games that are due to be out by the end of 2020 include Cobra Kai (the newest Karate Kid), Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Empire of Sin.

If you’re worried they won’t like your choice, make sure to include a gift receipt so they can swap it out with something they’ll love. But, if it means anything, we have faith in your ability!

6. A Professional-Grade Gaming Laptop or Computer

Look—not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new laptop or computer for their loved ones. Heck, if you were buying for a friend, there’s no way you’d want to drop that kind of money! That’s completely understandable.

Let’s say you’re a parent, though, that’s been saving up all year to buy their teenager (or even adult kid!) something special. Well, now’s the best time for a big present like this. With Black Friday coming up right around the corner, there are several affordable Lenovo deals that cater to the gaming world.

Whether your gamer is a laptop enthusiast or a computer die-hard, you’ll find what you need from Lenovo’s inventory. From gaming laptops under $1,000 to powerful PCs with NVIDIA graphics cards and the latest processors, you’ll be sure to impress the gamer in your life, regardless of your purchase.

7. Colorful Nintendo Switch JoyCon Controllers

Does your gamer friend or family member spend hours building their island on Animal Crossings or navigating mountains on Zelda? If so, they’re likely one of the many Nintendo Switch fanatics out there—and they could use something to make their Switch stand out from the others.

Nintendo Switch has a cool feature that allows users to swap out their hand controllers, which are detachable on each side of the switch. These are called JoyCon controllers, and they come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to pick something special for the person you’re buying for.

From the more traditional red and blue, to modern-looking purple and yellow, to completely customized ocean waves (really!), you can pick from several types of controller skins.

8. Some Classic, Vintage Memorabilia

Sure, gamers love all the newest toys and technologies, but there’s something to be said for those old-school consoles that are more for memories and nostalgia than actually playing. 

Some really old vintage games from the 80’s would be really cool to have but modern day classics like GTA, Minecraft, SF and alike equally give nostalgia too. You can get these games’ merchandise and personalized gifts at Etsy and

Perhaps there’s a store near you that focuses on selling used games or devices, or maybe you can find one on eBay or at your local thrift shop. Sometimes, you can even get lucky at a garage sale! Several resellers have old consoles in wonderful condition, so it may cost you a pretty penny.

But, having a relic like that for decoration in your gamer’s room is an epic way to honor their passion.

9. A High-Quality Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors are a great choice for PC gamers who already have all the other supplies they need, such as gaming laptops and quality keyboards. If they’re decked out in every way except the screen, you may want to consider nudging them towards this awesome experience.

Gaming monitors are made in various shapes and sizes, which includes prices that run the gamut. This plethora of choices allows you to pick something affordable yet still enviable (and an obvious upgrade from their last one). Look for refresh ratings, different brands, and features like adjustable heights or curved edges.

10. A New Keyboard, Mouse, and Mousepad Kit

Finally, when there’s nothing left for your gamer’s setup but a good keyboard and a mouse to match, this option makes for the perfect accessories basket!

Choose a gaming keyboard, high-sensitivity mouse (bonus points if it’s wireless), and a mousepad that features their favorite game, character, or console on it. Package these things in one big box or bag, and you’ll put the cherry on top of your gamer’s setup.

The Best Gifts for Gamers: Santa-Approved and Gamer-Certified

As you can see, there are several fantastic, exciting Christmas gifts for gamers, giving you plenty of options to please the gamer in your life. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be a challenge. Consider it as a game in itself: get through the obstacles and come out on the other side, victorious!

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