How Slingo is Giving Bingo a Completely New Lease of Life

Bingo has enjoyed a real resurrection over the last few years and a large part of that has been the fun new variations that has helped welcome an entirely new audience.

One of the big variants that have really contributed to the boom of bingo is Slingo Bingo, a new game that really is taking the world by storm and giving bingo a new lease of life.

What is Slingo Bingo?

Slingo Bingo is one of the newest variants to land at online bingo sites like Moon Bingo and is a combination of online bingo and online slots.

It’s become increasingly popular over the last few years but it’s history goes back a little further, back to 1994.

Essentially how it works is the same as bingo, but instead of balls being drawn, players spin the reels and are required to match the numbers the reels land on with their bingo card.

You win in exactly the same way, with players required to create lines and complete their bingo card.

To add to the game you’ll also find a time limit and plenty of free spins up for grabs, adding that extra element of excitement that is gaining popularity by the day.

It’s available in a huge range of online casinos and is attracting an entirely new breed of bingo player.

Attracting a New Audience

It’s attracting that new audience which is really helping to take bingo up a level and give it a new lease of life.

With gambling continuing to be on the rise, as you can see from the table above, it makes sense to create crossovers and benefit from the vast numbers gambling online.

Those figures are in the US alone, but it’s most certainly a global story.

The Rise of Bingo in Numbers:

  • Growth of £817million in 2009 to £4.5billion today
  • Rise in Millennials playing to 25% of players
  • 30% rise in players during lockdown

Online bingo is an industry worth over £4.5billion today, with online gambling worth £60billion and by creating games that appeal to that wider market, it’s giving the bingo industry the impetus to go to generate even more fans and bigger revenues.

A newer younger audience is now enjoying the game, and it’s having an impact offline too, helping regenerate the bingo halls up and down the country. In fact, they are even renewing the traditional bingo calls!

Leading a Rise in New Variants

The rise of slingo bingo has not only welcomed new players to many online bingo sites, it’s also proven there’s a major appetite for other variants in bingo.

There’s speed bingo for those players who play on the go, while you’ll find other variants that play more into the community aspect of bingo, with chat rooms and in chat games. It’s this something different that is really appealing.

What’s more, a number of brands are also being influenced from that casino factor, and going beyond slots and into the world of roulette.

Roulette bingo is a brand new variant that is starting to have a similar impact to slingo. It’s not as widely available as slingo bingo but it’s peaking the interest of casino players thanks to its combination of bingo and roulette play.

The roulette wheel essentially operates as the bingo balls drawn, with the number the ball lands on being marked off by the player.

It will be interesting to see just how roulette bingo is taken to over a longer period of time, but we expect that it will be just as effective as slingo has been in enticing new players in and continuing the thriving online bingo scene we live in today.


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