The best eSports to bet on as a beginner

Online betting has been a trendy hobby for some time now. Many people who like to watch sports also happen to enjoy betting, which is why there are so many gambling operators out there.

Although many people like casino games, the vast majority of bettors still prefer to punt on sports. Speaking of sports, there is one thing that’s been growing in popularity recently, and that’s eSports.

These computer and mobile games have become so popular that even some of the world’s biggest brands are starting to sponsor their events. Naturally, eSports also made their way to online betting.

However, these games are not like the other sports that you’re used to. Some of them can be pretty complicated, which is why we’ve decided to list a few eSports titles that we think are good for beginners. Those that are not on this list are good as well, but they can be more complex.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is the success of Counter-Strike 1.6, which was the biggest eSport back in the days. This is a game where two teams (called Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) go head to head until one of the teams wins a certain amount of rounds. Usually, it is 16, but there could be specifics, depending on the tournament.

The thing that makes CS: GO a good eSports for new bettors is that it’s a shooter. In other words, once you learn a little bit of information about the game, you should be able to place bets relatively easily.

Unlike MOBAs, there are no complex items, spells, and objectives that you need to worry about. So, as long as you learn the basics, you shouldn’t have any issues.


Overwatch is yet another type of shooter, but it also has a few additional elements. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most popular games that Blizzard made in the last couple of years, and it has a gigantic eSports scene.

Unfortunately, one of the issues that you might face is that there aren’t that many operators that offer this game. That’s why you need to check the different esports betting sites which are mentioned on Nostrabet until you find the one that will allow you to bet on this fantastic game.

Overwatch has a league that brings together the best teams in the world. Needless to say, you should try to bet on it because you will find various markets.

Football eSports

The last games that you could try to bet on are the different Football eSports. Even though they don’t have that many tournaments and competitions in general, there are certain events that will allow you to place interesting bets.

Of course, the two most popular football eSports are FIFA and PES. However, there could be even more games in the future. Sadly, one of the biggest problems with those types of eSports is that they are really rare, even more so than Overwatch. Nonetheless, if you find an operator that has these games, you will see that they have pretty attractive markets and odds.

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