How Does Placing Bets On Call Of Duty: Warzone Matches Work?

Call of Duty: Warzone gained immediate traction after its release in March 2020, with approximately 10 million users downloading and testing it out in the first three days. In the following two months, total downloads surpassed 60 million. Impressive, right? The publisher, Activision, had struck the right chord on creating what customers want. Currently, the market demand for Call of Duty: Warzone Betting is steadily gaining popularity, though it has not been fully exhausted. How does placing bets on Call of Duty: Warzone matches work?

This first-person shooter game is not hard to understand. You can consider playing the game before getting into the betting markets to have a greater understanding of all aspects of the game. However, with some research and spectating, you can gather all the required information. The category of bets that you can place on Call of Duty: Warzone include;

1. Map Bets
Map bets allow you to bet on a team’s performance on a chosen map. This category calls for in-depth knowledge of the maps featured in Call of Duty: Warzone. You need to assess how a specific one might affect the performance of a team.

2. Most Kills
This category also calls for extensive knowledge on the performance of teams in different game modes and an assessment of top players and the weapons they use. This category ranges from most kills in a match to most kills in the tournament.

3. Most Damages
The probability of winning a bet in this category is low. However, if you know a team well enough, and you know the extent of damage they can do in a match, who’s to say you can’t try your luck?

4. Outrights
Outrights are the most commonly staked bets where you bet on a match outcome or the outright winner. A match outcome is a bet on who wins a match between two teams, while the outright winner is a bet on the team that wins the entire tournament. Betting on outrights calls for a comprehensive judgement on the strengths and weaknesses; therefore, it carries a higher risk, which translates to a higher reward.

5. Live Bets
This category allows you to place bets after a match commences. You make judgements and stake your bets based on your assessment of the tournament as it progresses. Live betting is alluring because you may be green when it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone, but as you spectate, you get to notice teams that are performing better or have more killings and damages. You can then use your observation skills as a baseline to judge subsequent outcomes.

Warzone Wednesday

The tournament that many consider most captivating in Call of Duty: Warzone betting is Warzone Wednesday. Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, a YouTube Sensation, initiated this tournament. The tournament quickly got the attention of esports betting. The rules of Warzone Wednesday are; sixteen squads compete, with each having two teams that comprise four players in pairs of two. The ones that acquire the most kills in two consecutive matches move higher on the squad bracket and proceed to the next rounds. The competition progresses until completion, during which the ultimate winner is crowned and awarded $20,000. Betting on this tournament might require you to listen and follow up on the sensation broadcasts. You not only enjoy spectating but also get a chance to make money by betting on the teams you find befitting.

How To Place A Bet On Call Of Duty: Warzone

1. Find a reputable Call of Duty betting site or bookie. has an extensive list of rated and reviewed sites. The best ones are those that have a rating of 4.5 up to 5.
2. Register to the bookie you prefer, then confirm your email and identity.
3. Deposit funds to your account via either credit card or cryptocurrency as per the bookie’s requirements.
4. Proceed to the Call of Duty subcategory, review the best bets, then place your stake.
5. Occasionally follow up.

Most bookies for Call of Duty: Warzone betting are based online since this betting category is relatively new. It is wise to do a little bit of research on the betting sites before selecting one as your preferred bookie. Some bookies offer to sign up bonuses and match deposit bonuses. Some go to the extent of providing a special bonus exclusively for Call of Duty: Warzone.

The Bottom Line

Betting on Call of Duty: Warzone depends on the map and game mode. It is advisable to have a broad understanding of the gameplay to bet effectively. You can research extensively, though a better alternative would, however, be to play the game. Use your comprehension of the game as your surface-level skill to bet. You will be surprised at the extent of what you can achieve if you intentionally work on getting better at betting.

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