Keno Strategies that will Help you Beat the House

The casino game of Keno is where players choose up to 20 numbers from a range of 1 to 80, a bit like Bingo. The numbers are then drawn and the value of a win depends on how many numbers match. Traditionally, 10 numbers are drawn, but the process often varies across casinos, with some allowing 15 or even 20 numbers.

With different casinos offering different wagering and payout structures for Keno, it is vital to be clear on the rules and odds at a reliable casino before placing a bet.  This should be part of your winning keno strategy. The numbers drawn in Keno are entirely random, which means the odds of the game cannot be affected too much, but a chosen strategy will give you equal chances of winning, whether that be through the quantity of Keno numbers chosen or something else.

The best Keno numbers

Some players follow trends and patterns in the game, which are more style than strategy since they give no mathematical advantage. They tend to bet either on cold numbers, which are numbers not yet drawn or place their bet on numbers that are commonly seen or have recently come up, which are known as hot numbers. Some players have their own “lucky” numbers. Keno often seems to have numbers appear in successive order such as five and six or 22 and 23.  Some Keno sites online allow bettors to choose randomly instead of selecting individual numbers, choosing to autoplay the game whilst others show hot and cold numbers in the game.

Take advantage of casino bonuses

Whilst Keno is a game of luck, you can raise your chances of winning. Part of this relates to bankroll management, such as only depositing the amount you are willing to lose; taking advantage of the latest casino bonuses and making consistent bets rather than placing bigger bets to compensate for losses.

Use demo sites

You can try most Keno games online for free on demo sites, and though Keno is not a complicated game, playing for free lets you get comfortable with how your bets fit, and allows the practice of different types of play and indicates how payouts can differ. Demo sites can also show if the casino lags, which can lead to the game restarting before its finished, losing your bet.

Check the house edge

Consider your bankroll and choose a Keno game that offers bets within your desired range. Some accept higher bets than others, with random selection and turbo play options.  While no casino game can beat the house edge, Keno usually has a larger “house edge” than other games offered by a casino, ranging from less than 4 per cent to more than 35 per cent. Generally speaking, online casinos have better payouts than brick-and-mortar sites. Practice playing different variants on demo sites to see the differences in payouts.

Select between four and eight Numbers

You would think the more numbers you choose, the better the chances of getting more of them correct. However, this is not strictly true.  The payouts change depending on how many numbers are chosen in total which means guessing five out of five numbers correctly gives a great payout of 50 to 1.  However, if it the guess is five correct numbers out of 10 chosen the payout is reduced to 30 to 1. The ideal is to choose between four and eight numbers. However, if there is a progressive jackpot, it can be worth choosing more numbers, if you can afford it.

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