Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 2 Character Details

In October, Mortal Kombat fans cheered at the news of a new Kombat Pack containing two of the most requested characters since release. These are:

  • Rain: A Demi-God with various water-based abilities.
  • Rambo: A rugged guerrilla warfare expert.
  • Mileena: Adopted Daughter of Shao Kahn.

Before the official trailer dropped, people already knew that something was going to be announced. Ed Boon, co-creator of the franchise, had already been sending out a couple of hints through his Twitter.

There were also leaks going as far back as February. Leaks that, as expected, the developers never confirmed. But more importantly. Trailing the release of the trailer, updates to the game opened up the possibility for Dataminers, such as Thethiny, to see some interesting character values in the game’s memory.

Mortal Kombat 11’s roster has grown from 23 to 36 in a little over a year and a half. Considering the increasing trend of games as a service among large triple-A titles, it might even reach the 40’s or 50’s by the time a new installment of the franchise is in the works. For comparison, Street Fighter 5 currently fields 39 characters, and Tekken 7 is at 52 if we include palette swaps.

When is Kombat Pack 2 releasing?

With a November 17th release date, Kombat Pack 2 will have a total of three characters. As mentioned before, long-awaited comebacks in Rain and Mileena will finally be part of the growing MK11 roster. But, as with previous DLCs, an iconic character will be entering the stage. Rambo, from the culturally significant series of the same name, will have the chance to face Terminator, The Joker, Spawn, and many other characters.

A few weeks later and according to Mortal Kombat’s latest news on DashFight, we now know more details about Rain and Rambo. As for Mileena, we still have to wait a little longer for more details outside of those that can be gleaned from her trailer.

Fans have already gone wild as more information has been pouring out. Particularly Mileena fans, as the “Empress” of the Outworld have not been seen in a main Mortal Kombat game since MKX. Added with the fact that Ed Boon tweeted himself, perhaps jokingly, that: You will never see Mileena in one of our games ever again. ever.

The developer sit-dows for NetherRealm Studios, known as the Kombat Kast. Has provided more details as to what these characters will look, sound, and play like on release.

Rain, The Orphan DemiGod

Originally an non playable arcade character for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Rain history is patchy, often serving as a non playable character for various Mortal Kombat games. This is the first time in over a decade that he will be playable. As it stands, Rain’s personality is not clear but many characters in the franchise were able to flourish under the MK11 title, helping expand their lore with ties to other characters and even become part of the overarching story.

Rain’s Variants, Son of Argus, Demi-God, and Rain Check

On release, Rain will sport three variants that can change and enhance his abilities. Son of Argus expands on his mobility and gives him more tools to fight at a distance. Demi-God is all about close combat and maintaining your enemies stunned and facilitating the continuation of combos. Finally, Rain Check gives him an ability not seen in a while, a bubble that can entrap his opponent and then directionally throw them.

Rambo’s Variant, Veteran, Patriot, and Drifter

It is almost impossible to know who Rambo is. A fantastic fictional character that both showed the horrors of war and also sparked the US military fantasy genre for Hollywood movies. Sylvester Stallone reprises this role now for MK11, voicing all the lines in the game.

Rambo will undoubtedly be a huge zoner. Key abilities to keep in mind will be his traps and closers. That is even before considering the many setups that will be available to him to chain and start combos from low, mid and even juggle opponents in the air.

When you look at some of his variants, like Patriot, you can see this emphasis on putting opponents in a tricky situation where things can devolve into a no-win situation. Jump over the traps and get hit with a thick log. Or try to close the gap without a teleport and face a machine gun.

Also worth noting that one of Rambo’s specials that might lead to some interesting results is his heal. By eating bugs he can regain some health, not much, but it could make a difference. Particularly when you consider that it can also perform a crushing blow on the bug giving him even more health.

Mileena Yet to be known Variants

As a mutant Edenian and Tarkatan, as a result of genetic experimentation by sorcerer Shang Tsung, Mileena can be thought of as a monster. And a very deadly one at that. Her most visually striking feature is, without a doubt, her mouth. Which resembles that of most Tarkatans with a long series of sharp needle teeth. From the very beginning, her brutal and sadistic attitude has earned her a place in the hard of many fans of the series.

Although NetherRealm Studios recently released a gameplay trailer showcasing some of Mileena’s moves. We have yet to get a full Kombat Kast like the previously mentioned to appreciate what this returning character will look like.

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