GTA Diamond Casino Heist Guide

When GTA V hit stores in 2013, it came with a lot of hype. Thankfully, the people at Rockstar had enough experience to deliver, like with all previous entries in the series. Today, GTA Online still holds its own among a sea of advanced competitors thanks to numerous upgrades and expansive DLCs.

Released in July of 2019, one of the most massive additions to the game is the Diamond Casino and Resort, a gaming venue reminiscent of the best casinos in Canada and the US. Located in Vinewood, it is a sprawling entertainment and living complex where you can party, play games, or which you can rob. It’s the spot that, according to most, is the home of the best heist mission in the game and one for which we provide tips below.

Prepping Before the Heist

Advertised as the safest building in Los Santos, the Diamond Casino is not an easy safe to crack, pun intended. To begin your plot, you’ll need to buy a retro arcade property and establish it as your base of operation.  The Videogeddon Arcade is closest to the Resort, but the Eight-Bit Arcade has the best location and is the premium option.

After purchasing one of the six available arcades, you’ll need to scope out your target, both the casino and the vault’s content. Six access points lead inside the venue, the front and side doors, the roof and roof terrace, the security tunnel, and the sewer tunnel. Look at each one and decide what approach you will take.

Which Approach to Choose

Selecting a specific point of entry shapes how you will go about the heist. There are three tactics you can choose from, an aggressive approach, a silent and sneaky one, and one called the Big Con. The first is self-explanatory. Meaning, you go in guns blazing, battling security, and use thermal charges to blow the vault.

The silent and sneaky way of going about things is the toughest of the three. It involves entering the establishment undetected, avoiding security cameras, and drilling the vault with a laser. The Big Con is another nefarious way of committing this crime, as you’ll need to don a disguise to enter the vault before drilling it and fighting your way out. Though the most laborious, the silent and sneaky way is likely your best bet of completing this mission.

Picking Your Support Crew

Your team will need a driver, gunman, and hacker. A diver will get you better cars, a gunman will equip you with better weapons, and a hacker will give you more time inside the vault. Naturally, better support comes with more cost, as quality team members demand a higher share of the loot.

You should spend most of your budget on acquiring a quality hacker, as more time in the vault plays a massive factor in completing this heist. If you plan on doing the Big Con or the Silent and Sneaky approach, opt for Paige Harris. When it comes to gunman and diver, Karl Abolaji and Karim Denz will do.

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