How gaming has inspired the evolution of online casino games

Two entertainment industries that have enjoyed incredible growth during the last 20 years are console gaming and online casino gambling. Underpinned by advances in digital technology, both sectors offer experiences to players far beyond anything previously thought possible.

The two industries have capitalised on the possibilities offered by online connectivity and succeeded in connecting players with one another globally, with online gambling also taking full advantage of technology like 4G and 5G to offer online play almost anywhere in the country.

The two sectors have also influenced one another, with many modern online casino games drawing direct inspiration from some of the biggest console titles. In this article, we will explore that trend and understand how gaming has helped to guide the evolution of the online gambling sector.


One of the big similarities between console gaming and traditional casino gaming is the element of luck. While there is no shortage of skill required to master the toughest console games, many also depend on a little good fortune.

In casino terms, games like blackjack combine the two facets, while other games like bingo rely more heavily on striking it lucky. However, with luck comes strategy and superstition, and there’s plenty of advice out there around which bingo numbers to keep a close ear out for. For example, according to Granville’s Theory it’s best to pick a broad range of numbers, spread across the available options; Tippett’s theory instead suggests you should opt for a selection of the highest and lowest numbers.

Other bingo players will tell you they have their lucky numbers. This is similar to racing games that allow players to choose their lucky vehicle number, or selecting a shirt number for a custom player in FIFA. It’s clear that luck, superstition and strategy are themes that run common across the two sectors.

Casino adaptations

Many of the world’s biggest gaming franchises are directly adapted into gambling titles. Everything from the name, logo, colours, characters and even sound effects are transferred from console to casino.

Arcade fighting classic Street Fighter is one of the titles to receive the casino treatment, with operators eager to utilise an audience’s familiarity with the franchise in order to engage them with the product. Fans of the Street Fighter franchise of games are often those born in the late 80s and early 90s, and therefore of the perfect age to enjoy online casino gaming. Other games adapted to create casino titles are Tomb Raider, Lemmings and Resident Evil.

Look and feel

Away from the adapted franchises, many casino games seek to recreate the look and feel of traditional video games, adopting themes, colours and aesthetics designed to transport the player to a different universe.

Much like in console gaming, the most popular casino titles often spawn spin-offs and evolve to become mainstays of the landscape. Of course, the one big difference here is that casino games are pointed entirely at an adult audience, so you’re unlikely to encounter a game theme that is particularly child-like.

Graphics and sounds

The modern casino game’s graphics and sounds aren’t too far behind those you’d see and hear in console gaming. As hardware capabilities increase, online casino developers produce titles that feature vivid animation and 3D modelling.

And the sounds utilised are way evolved from the days of crude card-turning clips and shrill voice digitisation. Many of the most popular modern games feature rich soundscapes that help entrench a particular theme and deliver a more immersive and sensory experience to the player.

Though the two industries have their differences, the overlap in the development of each is perhaps more noticeable today tha it ever has been, and it seems certain that the cutting edge of console gaming will continue to inspire the next generation of online casinos.

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