The Weirdest Items You Can Find in World of Warcraft Classic

Itemization in World of Warcraft Classic is like an entire game of its own thanks to the vast amount of items that can be found in the game. You’re essentially playing “mix and match” to find the type of gear that suits your playstyle best. With all sorts of weapons, armor, and trinkets packed into a single game, the sky’s the limit when it comes to item choices. Some can be quite strong in terms of its effects, while others are weak but perfect for still-growing players who are still grinding for WoW Classic gold. There are also WoW Classic items that are just downright weird! We think that’s part of the fun! What makes the World of Warcraft experience special is the sheer number of unusual items it has, after all. If you can tap into those items and utilize their strengths, then you have the potential to be more efficient when it comes to raids, doing mobs, and the like. There are a ton of weird items that can be found scattered in World of Warcraft, but here are what we think are the most useful ones out of all of them.

  1. Hook of the Master Angler

Compared to the other weird items on this list, the Hook of the Master Angler is one of the WoW Classic items that aren’t that hard to obtain. To get this unconventional item, all you have to do is take part (and win) in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza event that’s held on all servers once a week. This item can turn you into a piranha while swimming. Besides that, it’s a great piece to show off to your friends since you can turn into a fish in front of them. What’s the point of turning into a fish, you ask? Well for starters, you can use Hook of the Master Angler to swim away from your enemies if you find yourself in a sticky position. As long as there’s some sort of lake near your location, you basically have a quick exit point. Easy to get and extremely useful, the Hook of the Master Angler is one of those bizarre items that you should strongly consider nabbing!

  1. Green Whelp Armor

The Green Whelp armor isn’t something that you see every day. Besides being an item that you can use to protect yourself, it also has an extra special ability. If you’re struck by an attacker, there’s a small chance that person could be put to sleep for 10 seconds. The enemies that are only affected by this ability are the ones that are level 50 and below. While the 5% chance you get of the enemy finding themselves sleeping isn’t as high as other people would like, it’s one of those items/armor that’s perfect if you’re still around level 30 and looking for reliable armor to wear.

  1. Hydrocane

If you’re a staff user and you already have the Hook of the Master Angler, then you’re going to love this one. Following the water-ish theme that we have going on here besides the Green Whelp armor, the Hydrocane is a two-handed staff that can deal 48-73 damage points and gives frost resistance to its user. Besides giving a small boost to frost resistance, it also gives you the ability to breathe underwater! You heard that right, the Hydrocane is a staff that allows underwater breathing. This weapon is perfect if you’d rather traverse the world through its waters. If paired with the Hook of the Master Angler, you can easily pass through connected lakes and such that can be found all over the map.

And those are our top 3 weirdest WoW Classic items! There are a lot more items that can be considered otherworldly or strange, but we think these three are the ones worth keeping in your inventory. Are there any other weird items that you think should be covered? Voice out your thoughts by leaving a comment or two below!

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