What’s Going Down in Fortnitemares 2020

Fortnitemares 2020 is officially here and we’re all for it! It’s one of the biggest events that Epic Games organizes, after all. Just recently, the official gameplay trailer called “Fortnitemares 2020: Midas’ Revenge” was released. With the event live now for everyone to play, everyone is excited to launch Fortnite in the Epic Games client. But before you do that, wouldn’t you like to know more about what’s there to see in Fortnite? There’s a lot to go through for the event. From the new game mode down to some cool-looking skins available for purchase at the Fortnite item shop, there’s no shortage of content for Fortnite, that’s for sure!

New Skins Fit for the Nightlife

It’s not a complete update without a new set of Fortnite skins that can be purchased through the Fortnite item shop! The Party Trooper Outfit, which is inspired by the neon lights present in nightlife-esque bars, is one of the skins that’s available only until November 1. So, if you’re still looking to get another skin for your collection, you’ve run out of time. Also, those that have the skin before the J Balvin’s concert will receive a souvenir to commemorate the Afterlife Party! The J Balvin Style is exclusive to the event and can be attached to the Party Trooper skin. It’s essentially a red sleeveless shirt and pouch that you can wear on top of the skin should want to add a bit more color besides the black and gray hues of the Party Trooper outfit.

Get Groovin’ with the Fortnitemares Afterlife Party

The headliner of the Fortnitemares 2020 event is, without a doubt, the Fortnitemares Afterlife Party. Four-time Latin Grammy Winner and global ambassador superstar of reggae, J Balvin, made an appearance in the game! As expected, this special performance had the same quality as the other concerts in terms of visual effects and sound. We all know the killer concert that Epic brought to us with Travis Scott which is debatably the most popular, but it looks like this is a new contender for the title. Besides showcasing his hit songs, he also debuted his new song with Sech. The party was held on October 31st, 9 PM ET on the Main Stage. So you were either there or you’re square!

Midas’ Revenge

If you’d rather focus on gameplay instead of the usual concerts, then Midas’ Revenge will quench that thirst for sure. Shadow Midas, along with his reincarnated Henchmen, has once again reclaimed The Agency. Usually, when you’re killed in solo, duo, or squads, that’s the end of it. You simply exit the match and move on to another game. But this time, in Fortnitemares 2020, you have a chance to redeem yourself. Once you’re killed, you’ll return to battle as a Shadow with a chance to win in it all at the Nitemare Royale. Here, you’ll be able to join other fellow Shadows with the goal of defeating the other remaining survivors using your abilities such as being able to possess vehicles. Shadows are also able to pick up items that are exclusive to them such as the Fiend Hunter Crossbow, Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, and many more that follow the same theme. There are also challenges to complete that’ll reward you with exclusive Fortnitemares 2020 goodies for your pickaxe, back bling, and Fortnite weapon skin collection.

And that’s it for what’s new in Fortnitemares 2020! Whether you’re thinking of joining in on the fun as a Shadow or bobbing your head to some sick tunes in J Balvin’s concert, you can’t go wrong. The new skin is pretty sick as well, so if you picked it up at the Fortnite item shop, good for you! What do you think of the Fortnitemares 2020 event? Is it everything that you’ve hoped for? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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