Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Hacks You’d Love to Know

Call of Duty is arguably one of the greatest first-person shooters series ever to hit the market. The latest game to join the series, titled Modern Warfare, has officially brought the CoD saga to the masses. By making the game free to play, Infinity Ward has opened it up for a massive number of players. So much so that every tier and rank is packed with high competition. But, is there a way to get ahead without grinding the game for hundreds of hours? Let’s find out.

Can you Use Cheats and Hacks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Hacks and cheats have been around as long as gaming has. While some find hacking and cheating unethical, it’s no secret that gaining an ‘unconventional advantage’ over your opponents is sometimes fun. In fact, cheating has been on the rise these past few years.

We can attribute this to the advent of free-to-play online multiplayer games such as CS: GO and now Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Despite how many advanced systems are put into play to prevent cheating, hack makers are always one step ahead. That being said, not all hacks are created equal. In fact, you need to carefully tread when you select your hack provider as some of them have ulterior motives.

The internet is full of free hacks that may for a short time; however, these usually get discovered relatively easily, resulting in banned accounts. If you’re serious about gaining an invisible advantage over your adversaries in Call of Duty or any other FPS game, you’ll need something better and  much more reliable. Popular hack providers over argue that saving on cheats causes more harm than good. Instead, using proven, tested hacks is the way to go.

What Kind of Hacks Can You Get for Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a perfect game to try out cheats. Infinity Ward has made it a ripe platform to try out black hat code, which is nothing usual for a company that hasn’t really put much effort into their products for almost a decade. As far as what kind of cheats you can find for this game, the answer is every kind.


Advanced MW hack providers have put together a complete assortment of ESP and wallhack cheats for this game. You can see enemies as they move around the map. You can see them through walls, while you can also see their name tags with some of the better hacks out there.


Aimbots are a massive part of cheating in FPS. In fact, they are what give most players the advantage they’re looking for. MW aimbots come in all flavors, including the more obvious ones as wells subtle aim assist hacks. If you decide to get an aimbot from one of the more reputable sources on the net, you’ll also get a spoofer that will keep you protected from discovery.

What Makes a Good CoD: MW Cheat?

Writing an aimbot or wallhack script isn’t too tricky. However, writing one that will work while keeping you safe is. What differentiates a good Cod: MW cheat from a bad one is the user protection. You’ll want to find cheats that are updated continuously and offer constant support.

Keep in mind that modern anti-cheat software is constantly catching up to new cheats, which is why frequent patches are a must. But that’s just one part of the problem. You also need to find cheats that are invisible to screenshot and screen recording software. This is especially important if you’re streaming or making frag videos.

User protection is the main reason why some of the better hacks cost more. You’re paying for performance, but also for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your code is untraceable and will remain so. You’re paying for a team of coders who are sitting somewhere, constantly working on new patches that keep the hacks undetectable.

How Safe is Cheating in CoD: MW?

Cheating in Modern Warfare, just like any other game out there, is never 100% safe. You’re not only looking at overzealous anti-cheat software that is continuously being upgraded, but also community-driven anti-cheating efforts.

That being said, using the right kind of cheats and being smart about it will keep you undetected and protected for a long time. It all comes down to how far you’re willing to go to achieve that type of security. Also, make sure that you use popular and trusted vendors as they are the only ones who can offer some semblance of guarantees for their services.

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