Game On: 5 Great Gamer Party Ideas

Gamers that play together stay together.

While it’s never been easier to meet up and play your favorite games with your friends online, there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned get-together. That said, planning a gamer party is a bit different than planning a game night.

Are you looking for a little advice on how to make your next gamer party one for the books? Here are five surefire tips every video game enthusiast should know.

1. Go Big

One way to instantly take your gaming party from LAN-party chic to E3 is by hooking your favorite console up to a projector.

Setting up a projector won’t just give you the thrill of seeing your favorite titles displayed larger than life — it will also make it easy for any guests who aren’t playing to watch the action without having to crowd around a tiny screen.

2. Choose Wisely

Sure, everybody loves massive triple-A single-player RPGs — but unless your gathering to celebrate a specific release or anniversary, they’re not always the most fun choice for a gaming party.

If you’re going to be supplying the games for your gamer party, you need to make an effort to pick titles that multiple people can join in on locally. Remember, party games exist for a reason!

3. Set the Stage

Games aside, it’s critical that you keep in mind that you’re also throwing a party. While you don’t have to deck your halls with Party City-grade Minecraft decals, you do need to do a little scene-setting.

Make sure you stock up on plenty of snacks and refreshments ahead of time and provide enough seating for all of your guests.

4. B.Y.O.G

If you’re planning on having a lot of guests at your party, there’s a good chance you’re not going to have enough controllers or even screens to go around.

So, if you want to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to get in on the action, then you may want to consider having everyone bring their own gear.

By having guests bring their preferred systems, games, and extra gear, you’ll make sure that everyone gets to play, and you’ll give your guests the chance to show off their favorite titles and consoles.

5. There’s Nothing Like Nostalgia

Thanks to the rise of pc gaming and video game consoles, arcades have fallen from gamer meccas to niche experiences.

But, while they may not be as popular as they once were, they’re still packed with fun and fantastic games that are perfect for any modern gaming party.

If you want to pay homage to the gamers that came before or want to throw a little nostalgic flair on your next gaming get together, then you may want to consider searching “arcade near me” and planning a public meet-up.

How to Throw the Ultimate Gamer Party

By following a few of these tips, you’ll make sure your next gamer party is an event your friends and fellow gamers will love.

Are you looking for more advice on how to host other gaming events? We’ve got you covered! Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles, tips, tricks, and hacks today!

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