Here Are a Few Ways to Boost the Gaming Speed of Your PC

Video games are now more competitive than ever. If you’re looking to squeeze more frames per second (fps) out of your PC and a faster connection from your browser, then here are a few ways for you to enhance your gaming speed:

Optimize Your Internet

To boost your Internet speed, keep your router away from objects that cause interference, connect it directly to your PC with an ethernet cable, and reset it weekly. But, for the most significant boost to your online speeds, consider upgrading your Internet connection. Alternatively, purchase a special router that dedicates one band to gaming in order to avoid interference from other devices.

In addition, use the latest options in Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to bypass geo-blocks and compete with gamers across the world with the fastest servers on your side. Don’t use free VPNs as they slow down your game and infect your computer with malware.

Remember, always pick the closest server on your favorite gaming platform. For example, if you’re in Toronto, then pick servers in Toronto instead of servers in another country. When gaming, turn off all downloads, including updates. Try to play when no one else at home is using the Internet for faster online speeds.

Physically Clean Your Computer

Dust is your rig’s enemy. Once dust clogs your computer’s fans and ventilation holes, your computer heats up and slows down. Take your PC outside, remove the side panel, and carefully clean it with an air duster every six months. A compressed air duster spray usually is the most cost-effective option.  

Optimize Your PC

A few optimizations can occasionally be enough to improve your gaming PC’s performance. Start by upgrading your computer BIOS, operating system, and drivers. Next, delete unnecessary programs that load with your Windows Startup and use your computer’s precious memory.

Finally, remove any bloatware and any malicious software like adware from your computer. Adware uses vital system resources to send your activity to marketers. An excellent cleaning tool can wipe adware, spyware, and other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from your computer and help it run faster.

Optimize Your Games

Your computer will slow down if your games exert too much pressure. To optimize your video games, start by lowering your default settings and raise one setting at a time until you find the right balance between visuals and performance.

Upgrade Your PC

If optimization doesn’t help, then consider an upgrade — as a PC gamer, you have the luxury of replacing components. You’ll get the best bang for your buck if you upgrade your video card before other parts. Just make sure that your power supply is compatible with your new purchase, and you have 16GB of RAM.

You can also try to upgrade your processor, but you’re unlikely to get a significant return on your investment in terms of frame rates if your processor is only a few years old. Instead of upgrading your processor, try to carefully overclock it to squeeze a couple of extra frames per second.

Please remember to monitor your CPU temperature regularly when overclocking to avoid damage. If you want a new PC, then try to build one to save some money instead of buying a prebuilt version.  

These are five ways to boost your PC’s gaming speed. Start with the options that require the fewest resources and work your way up.

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