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If you’ve been reading my reviews for awhile then you know that I love a good multiplayer party game. I reviewed one last month called Cake Bash where you fought it out to see who could be the best treat standing. Now I’m reviewing another one from developer Seashell Studio and publisher Alternative Software called Lunch A Palooza that is a lot like Cake Bash in appearance. While their appearance is similar the two games are quite different from a quality standpoint and Lunch a Palooza may be one to avoid on the menu.

So what is Lunch A Palooza? It’s a multiplayer brawler where you and up to three other players take control of various foods and fight it out to see who can be the last meal left on the table. The first thing to make clear is that this is local multiplayer only and while it does support AI bots you are likely going to want to pass on this if you don’t have enough players in the room to play. That’s because just playing against the AI bots isn’t that fun and will get old very fast.

The game has a few different modes you can hop into including deathmatch, king of the hill, and one where every time you get knocked off the table you respawn as a new character. The main gameplay consists of each of the players trying to knock the others off the stage to score points until they are the last one standing. The problem is that the game just isn’t that responsive or fun to play. You have a basic attack, a charge attack, a jump, and a grab but many times I felt like my attacks weren’t hitting or weren’t having the impact that they should. Sometimes I’d hit someone and they’d barely move while other times I’d hit them the same way only for them to get shot backwards with more force. It’s just very inconsistent and it makes it hard to play.

The game has several different food characters you can play as such as a burger, corn on the cob, a meatball, a jelly character and a few more. There are also six different stages including a restaurant and an arcade where you battle it out on a hockey table. That one was my favorite but you do have to unlock some of the characters and stages by playing the game for a couple hours. For a game that already doesn’t have much content that is a bit of a disappointment that you don’t even have the small group of content unlocked from the start. Some of those characters also feel a bit unbalanced such as the jelly one whose attack seems to be far more effective than any of the others making it seem like you should just pick that one if you want to win. The stages have some things you can pick up and attack with along withs some power-ups but more often than not it just felt like there wasn’t much strategy to the gameplay and you were better off just mashing the attack buttons.

There isn’t a whole lot else to the game other than some various skins you can unlock for each character. The graphics are colorful and generally look good whether it was the backgrounds in each level or the fun food character designs themselves. I also thought the soundtrack was enjoyable for what was there. Those interested in trophies will find 21 of them here including a Platinum. It’s a pretty easy list overall so you shouldn’t have no problem earning them all if that’s what you’re after.

Lunch A Palooza had potential but overall, I felt like it came out a bit undercooked. There isn’t a lot of content here for a $20 game and with no online functionality it will only be for those who have local players. The poor physics and hit detection also make the gameplay hard to enjoy despite the charming visuals and soundtrack. With a bit more time this could’ve been an appetizing meal but as it stands this is one option on the menu you should skip.

*Lunch A Palooza is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Reviewed on PS4 Pro. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Lunch A Palooza





  • Cute visuals and characters with a lot of unlockable skins
  • Can be fun with friends when it works right


  • Inconsistent hit detection and physics make it hard to enjoy the gameplay
  • Not a lot of content here
  • No online multiplayer
  • Certain characters seem better than the others
  • AI isn't great
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