Easy Hacks For Setting Up Your Mac For Gaming

If you are a Mac owner who has suddenly discovered a flair for gaming, you need not invest in a new device to try your hand at the latest games in the market. Although Apple devices are not acclaimed as gaming machines, the brand has evolved as gamers expect a lot more from modern computers. With some tweaks and little customization, you can set up your Mac for delivering ultimate gaming experiences. Here are some easy hacks you can try.

Check the existing settings

Even before installing a game on your device, start by getting acquainted with aspects such as its OS version, memory, graphics card, and the available hard drive space. Knowing this information is vital because every game has some minimum and recommended system requirements. You will need to make sure that they are an exact match to play the games of your choice seamlessly. 

Keep an eye on performance 

Apart from matching the current settings of Mac with the game requirements, you also need a general idea of its overall performance. Even minor performance issues can ruin your experience, so you need to make sure that there aren’t any glitches before getting started. You will have to launch Activity Monitor and scroll through tabs such as CPU and RAM to see the active tasks consuming the system’s resources and get a fair idea about its performance.

Free up space

Another actionable idea to make your Mac gaming-ready is by freeing up space where possible. Apart from the size of the games you want to download, you must have a minimum of 25 GB free on your hard drive. Start by clearing the redundant files and folders. You can read this article to learn more about finding duplicates on your Mac and getting rid of them. Anything that seems to be useless and is eating up the memory deserves to go because you need adequate space for your favorite games.

Disable login items

If you are looking to optimize your device for gaming without investing in hardware, disabling the login items is one of the simplest measures to follow. These are the apps that open automatically every time you log in. Unfortunately, they hog the system’s resources even before you do anything else. However, you can easily resolve the concern by stopping them from auto-starting from the system preferences. 

Ensure that all software is updated

Running the latest software on your Mac is the best move because it gets you all the new features and current bug fixes. There is an obvious improvement in both performance and security fronts. Additionally, you have a device that is optimized for gaming as well. Check for the latest software updates and install them as they come, including the operating system version. You will surely notice a difference!

Apart from these simple hacks to give your Mac a gaming boost, you can invest in additional hardware like a controller, External Graphics Processing Unit, and extra RAM for taking your experience a notch higher. Going the extra mile is worthwhile if you want to have the best with your existing device.

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