8 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During Weekend

Do you always find it difficult to keep your kids busy for long hours during a weekend? Then, you have landed it rightly. Here I’m going to give you some super fun and constructive ideas to find a real solution to your problem:

1. Go Creative, & Make Colorful Glass Kite

Let’s go… and fly some kites! Well, you have heard it right. If you live in a place where you cannot go outside with your kids to do activities like flying kites, then make one. It’s a super creative thing to keep them busy for a while. You can search online or watch some YouTube tutorials to learn yourself and teach your kids how you can make kites. To do this fun activity, you don’t need much of the stuff. All you need to grab is some tissue paper, glue, yarn, colorful ribbons, construction paper, contact paper, and scraps. Then, you are set to make a bright kite. 

2. Try Simple Baking Recipes

Honestly speaking, kids love to spend quality time in the kitchen. They like to play with dough, colorful sprinkles, flour, and messing around the whole place. So what can you actually do to keep them busy in the kitchen while you cook dinner? Well, you can encourage them to try simple baking recipes. Of course, with you on the watch. They can try leaf cookies, owl cupcakes, pencil sugar cookies, marshmallow flower cookies, teddy bear cakes, and much more. Plus, this can be a great activity for your kids to polish their baking or cooking skills from a very young age.

3. Do Something Fun with Puffy Paint

You probably realize how much kids love to play with colors, paints, and brushes. So how about trying something different this weekend? Have real fun with puffy paint! You can ask your kids to make puffy paints at home, which is a super easy craft for them to do. You can check online to see how to make puffy paint at home with three simple ingredients. All you need is food coloring, shaving cream, and glue. Puffy paint has the coolest texture that happens to pop off the page beautifully. Besides, this activity can keep your kids busy for hours on the weekend.

4. Take Your Kids Out for a Nature Walk

It is quite healthy for your kids to take them out for fresh air, a nature walk, and other outside activities. If you have set an organized & planned routine for your family, then you can surely take out plenty of time during the weekend to take your kids for a nature walk. This sure is a great activity to keep your kids wandering around and learn new things about nature. You just need to pack a picnic bag and grab things like paper & pens. Go to a nearby local nature spot. Give your kids a creative but easy task such as drawing plants & trees, wildlife, etc. If you come by a pond or swan, then make a stop for a while to get some fresh air and cool breeze.

5. Play Online Jigsaw Puzzles

If your kids love to spend time online watching cartoons, playing video games, and learning new things. Then, you must add something new to their buckets this weekend. Putting jigsaw puzzles can be a super fun activity for them even in this crazy internet world. Online Jigsaw Puzzles are for free that can keep your kids busy for long hours. Your kids get to pick puzzles for a wide variety of themes like pets & animals, nature & scenery, travel places, art, transportation, buildings, and more! You can visit the JSPuzzles gaming website that has to offer fun features. The website uploads thousands of custom puzzles daily from all over the world so that your kids can choose their favorite theme from the gallery.

6. Find out Child-Friendly Jobs

Understandably, child-friendly jobs are a sure way to teach your kids about keeping up with their responsibilities and earning money. If your kids are old enough like at the age of 12 or 13, then encourage them for some odd jobs around the house. For instance, you can send your kid to a neighbor’s house, in case your neighbor needs a babysitter for some hours. This is an ideal way to teach your kids about caring for others. Babysitting, pet guarding, yard work, lawn mowing, and dog walker are some safe odd jobs for your kids to try.

7. Do Science Experiments

Trust me, kids are crazy about trying some science experiments around the house. With you on the watch, this passion of your kids can be a super fun method to keep them busy during the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are not the time when your kids want to sleep until the afternoon. They don’t like to watch two to three hours of cartoons and then take a nap again. They like to spend quality time with their young siblings, friends, cousins, and neighbors’ kids. So polishing their little scientist skills can be a constructive and educational way to help your kids learn new topics. Motivate them to try some science experiments at home. Ask them to watch an online video on how to create a lava lamp, build an electric motor, make invisible ink, or a number of other projects.

8. Ask Your Kids to Make a Chore Chart

Although the weekend is for fun only, it is a bonus time to teach your kids about the importance of having a well-organized or planned routine in life. Let them realize how the responsibility looks like. Develop a habit in your kids to establish a chore chart for next week so that they can make the most out of their coming days. This can be a very progressive activity for children to help them avoid negative consequences in life. Plus, you can also add rewards like extra screen time or a few dollars for completing a chore list.   

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