Tips for Using GamerGalacticos and Other Gift Cards as Holiday Gifts

Online purchases are becoming more and more popular. These days, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to send your loved ones gift cards that allow them to pick out streaming services, online games, Aeria points, and other favorites. A bonus to sending gift cards is that they are inexpensive to mail. With the holiday season now begun, it’s especially important to begin your online shopping. 

You Can Support Your Favorite Vendors and Business Owners

One great way to support holiday shopping without exposing yourself and others to any illnesses that may be going around is to purchase gift cards. There are several advantages to this option:

  • The cards are easy to sanitize and fit inside envelopes, so you can give them to your loved ones with confidence. Just tuck one into a card with your greetings for the holidays.
  • Gift cards don’t have to be used immediately. Whether you’re sending a voucher for items from a local business or a game card from GamerGalacticos, your loved one can decide when to use the card. 
  • Many of the businesses offering gift cards make it possible for meals and movies to be enjoyed at home. For example, a movie subscription card from GamerGalacticos could allow your loved one to spend hours watching their favorite shows without going out.
  • Gift cards can often be fulfilled online, so it isn’t necessary for your loved one to leave home to make the purchase. Some gift card features, such as Aeria points, can be used throughout the year, so your loved one will enjoy your gift long after the holidays. 
  • Purchasing gift cards is a great way to help restaurants, hobby stores, taverns, home goods stores, and other favorite vendors to survive the financial challenges this year has brought about.

If you’ve avoided sending gift cards as gifts in the past, this year may be one of the best to try it out.

Gift Cards Are a Popular, Modern Option

In the past, many people thought of gift cards as an alternative to a physical gift – something to turn to when choosing a gift is difficult. However, for more than ten years, the popularity of gift cards has risen to the point that about half of U.S. shoppers give these easy gifts. One of the main reasons for the popularity of these cards is that the receiver gets to choose how to spend the card. For example, a gaming teenager can choose to spend a GamerGalacticos game card on a Fortnite or FIFA subscription. Your favorite gamer will be particularly happy to receive Aeria points to use on their favorite games. 

A bank card offers even more flexibility because they are generally accepted anywhere that major credit cards are valid. It’s important to note that bank cards often carry service charges and short expiration dates. Receivers may also be charged inactivity fees. In the past, financial watchdog groups warned consumers against using bank cards, but in 2010, some federal rules added important protections. The bottom line today is that these cards can make wonderful gifts as long as you carefully review the fine print before using them for a birthday or other holiday.

The Use of Gift Cards Is Safer Than in the Past

Gift cards are much more popular than they used to be because of their benefits and because of federal oversight. If you stick to cards from reputable local businesses or those connected to well-known, trusted businesses, such as GamerGalacticos that works with Netflix, Aeria points, Fortnite, and Google Play, you can give the cards with confidence.

Use These Card Giving Tips From the FTC

Some people are hesitant to use gift cards because they remember issues with the cards in the past. The Federal Trade Commission offers the following tips for giving and receiving gift cards:

  • Buy gift cards from trustworthy sources, such as GamerGalacticos.
  • Inspect cards to be sure all protective stickers are in place, there’s no damage, and the codes haven’t been revealed.
  • Hang onto the receipt for purchasing the gift cards.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions that accompany the card.

Your loved one should take care of their money in the same way they would treat cash. It’s really easy to lose cards or misplace them.

Avoid Common Gift Card Scams

Unfortunately, it is possible to get caught by scammers or fall prey to dishonest sellers. Watch out for these situations:

  • Online auction sites often advertise cards that have been stolen or that are counterfeit. Check the Federal Trade Commission website to learn how to recognize scams.
  • Discounted cards are often being sold because the amount on the cards has already been used. If you buy one of these cards, there may not be any value left.
  • Gift cards issued by shaky retailers will be worthless if the company goes bankrupt or simply goes out of business. This is another reason to stick with established gift card providers such as GamerGalacticos.

When you give your loved one a gift card, especially if it has a significant value, it’s often wise to keep a record of the card’s ID number. Some cards should be registered with the issuer. These steps will help you and your loved one resolve issues, such as lost or stolen cards.

This year is a great year to support your favorite businesses with gift cards. Check out the variety of options available through GamerGalacticos and from the business owners in your community.

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