Gaming trends to look out for in 2021

2020 has been a year of fundamental changes and shifts to society that many of us would like to forget about entirely. However, one positive development from 2020 has been the impact that the year’s events have had on gaming. With the whole world stuck at home, gaming became an outlet, a source of entertainment, and a social space for millions of people around the world.

When life around the world begins to return to normal, gaming will likely remain a key source of entertainment and fun, and the industry will continue to attract new players. There are several significant developments and trends which the industry is set to experience in 2021. These new developments are likely to attract even more dedicated fans and players as the industry becomes more diverse and multifaceted. Below are just a few of the many trends set to reshape the gaming industry in 2021.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gaming

AR and VR gaming, or Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gaming, have been slowly entering the gaming world over the last few years. AR and VR are likely to become increasingly popular as the technology develops and matures, and the games become more engaging and fun. AR and VR generated roughly $1bn in 2016 and are predicted to generate about $19bn in 2021 – the industry is definitely growing!

Development of online casinos

Online gaming and gambling platforms also grew in popularity over the last year. As bookies and casinos closed and sports games were canceled, online gambling platforms became the ideal place to gamble and place bets. The industry has expanded exponentially and, as a result, online casinos have needed to start offering more and more games, giving gamblers more games and options from which to choose. 

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Innovative new gaming consoles

The launch of the incredibly cool PS5 saw a tremendous amount of excitement and press reporting, proving that console gaming is still alive and well. Other companies have noticed the buzz that the PS5 created, and 2021 will see Microsoft and Sony launching new gaming consoles and trying to attract users.

Although other sectors of the economy are starting to reduce R&D costs and minimize innovation to prepare for a potential recession, the gaming industry is investing in creating new, innovative, and high performing technology. There is likely to be a shortage of gaming consoles as soon as the products are launched!

The rise of spectatorship

The COVID-19 pandemic led to increased social isolation and the cancellation of sporting events around the world. Spectatorship gaming stepped in at the right moment to fill this void with social, engaging streaming platforms like Twitch and the rise of eSports. However, you might be surprised to know that the number of spectators is likely to overtake the number of gamers in 2021. The State of Online Gaming 2020 found that a majority of people surveyed aged 18 – 25 years old would prefer to watch someone else play games rather than play the games themselves.

Increase in cloud gaming

Cloud gaming or Gaming-as-a-Service has grown in popularity and is likely to continue to grow as PC and console gaming looks set to adopt the format. Cloud gaming increases the access players have to various games while also decreasing the cost barrier to playing games. As the economy is likely to enter a recession, it is possible that cloud gaming will become a significant pillar of the industry.

Games as art

You have likely seen indie video games lauded as artistic and compelling. Video games will now be officially recognized for their artistry, as the Tribeca Film Festival will be including video games in its official programming for 2021. You can expect games to be investing more in beautiful graphics and compelling narratives now that they have been officially brought into the art world and acknowledged as creative and worthy of acclaim.

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