LocationSmart Has Given Gaming Operators A Financial Life-Line During the Pandemic

Since the announcement of the coronavirus pandemic from Wuhan in China late last year, the world economy has been curtailed to a great extent. The disease has been spreading at a petrifying rate, with a continually increasing curve of new infections and mortality rates.  Almost all economic sectors and activities have been affected following lockdowns that have been enforced to contain infection rates. The gaming industry, including casinos and sports, have also felt the pinch after travel bans were declared internationally. Essentially, industries that have effectively transitioned to online platforms have been able to mitigate financial losses. However, such enterprises are in dire need of modern tech help to make more revenue, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance. LocationSmart is an example of a cloud-based technology platform that offers location APIs to gaming developers to enhance gaming organizations and gamers’ security and privacy. Their platform has indeed come in handy for gaming moderators all over the world. Here is a comprehensive guide on safe gaming on your mobile device that any modern gamers should review.

This article explores LocationSmart and why it has become an opportunity for the current gaming market.

Effects of Covid-19 on Traditional Casinos

Certain sectors of the economy have been hit harder than others. These sectors include gaming in traditional casinos like Macau and Sin City. Macau is the largest gambling site in the world, accommodating most clients from Mainland China.  Although it has always been a busy place during the Lunar New Year Holiday, things have been different this year after the closure of all casinos under its name. Apart from Macau, the Las Vegas strip has also gone dark after the government ordered its closure.  Other countries such as Canada, Australia, and Sydney have also followed the same trend as health authorities such as WHO emphasizes the need for lockdowns and social distancing rules to control the virus’s spread.

The Surge of Online Gaming and Casinos and Need for Regulation

After the closure of casinos and other sports, many people have been turning to online gaming. Despite being the best option, the Philippines is the only country that has legalized online gambling in Asia. However, the benefits accrued by the country are attracting followers. As the interest in online gaming increases among participants, some rules and regulations govern online gaming in the authorized regions. This means that the areas or countries that are not granted licenses should not authorize the platform. The other challenge is identifying where your customers are located, then determining whether the region is licensed or not. This is where LocationSmart comes in.

LocationSmart – What is it?

LocationSmart is known worldwide as the leading Cloud Location Service market for connected devices. Offered as a Location-as-a-Service, LocationSmart software is simple yet the most comprehensive cross-carrier across context-aware, local, and hyper-local application development platforms. By providing direct connections to wireless carrier networks globally, LocationSmart helps protect and automate your business interests so that you can effectively manage your business experiences. Besides, the technology brings confidence to e-commerce transactions due to its identity confirmation capabilities.

Simply put, LocationSmart possesses solutions to location challenges experienced in online businesses.  Its functionality is so that it allows access to location data in different regions in the world. In gaming, it can help companies understand matters related to location and jurisdiction boundaries, thus making the online gaming experience simple and advanced. LocationSmart is a specialized firm that deals with location, identity, and global mobile engagements throughout devices connected to consumers’ assets. These devices include tablets, IoT, M2M, smartphones, and feature phones connected on either Tier 1 or Tier 2 wireless networks in Canada or the USA.

Benefits of LocationSmart Technology During Covid-19

Online gaming poses a huge challenge, especially to countries that have not legalized it. Depending on the country, states, or region where you live, the authorities have set up several regulations to control online gaming. That said, it is important for app developers to investigate jurisdictional boundaries to know where their customers live. In this way, both application developers and gamers alike ensure full verification and compliance. Several processes lead to verification. They include the following:

  • Geofencing and boundary checks
  • Data intelligence and IP geolocation
  • Network identification tools or GPS
  • Presence or face recognition over Wi-Fi
  • App-based or browser recognition
  • Device profiling, confidence scoring, and data consistency

There is no doubt that LocationSmart offers a convenient approach to location services.  This strategy is important for many online businesses, especially in the gaming sector, because casinos and gaming companies face potential setbacks due to the adverse effects of Covid-19, which have limited traveling to major gambling cities such as Las Vegas and Macau. The long-term changes in consumer behavior is also a trend to look at in the future.

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