5G: A Threat or an Advantage?

For sure, you’ve seen several TV commercials hyping the launch of the next cellular technology: fifth-generation wireless technology, commonly referred to as 5G. The 5G wireless network technology uses the current telecommunication set-up to boost bandwidth and its capabilities while also significantly decreasing network-spawned delays. On the other hand, the 5G network also comes with fresh perils that must be dealt with to ensure it’s safe for use by both the government and the general public. Cybersecurity agencies such as CISA, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency are working to do precisely that.

As expected, it will take some time before the 5G network is made available all over the world, approximately 5 years. Even so, 5G aims to fulfill the ever-increasing data and communication needs. This includes a massive volume for billions of connected devices that will constitute the internet of things, ultra-low latency – the lag experienced in telecommunications between connections – needed for real-time telecommunications, along with swifter speeds to help up-and-coming technologies. As we speak, the 5G network has been rolled out in the United States, South Korea, China, plus numerous other countries in Europe, and a good chunk of North and South America.

5G and the Online Gaming Industry

Let’s examine this technology by reference to a concrete example, the gambling industry. In the modern world, nearly all online players favor gaming via mobile devices rather than PCs. For this reason, every reputable casino operator does all it can to ensure its assortment of casino games are mobile-friendly. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we now have more powerful smartphones and tablet devices that can run visually-appealing and complex games.

The modern-day online casino games currently feature outstanding graphics, comprising 3D animations. As such, to smoothly render these graphics for ultimate immersion without software downloads on your device or enjoy the true Macau-inspired gambling experience on platforms like the VulkanBet live casino a rock-solid internet connection is vital.

This means that the onset of the 5G network will also introduce new milestones to the internet gambling world and pave way for more incredible innovations. With 5G, websites will load much faster, providing you with a seamless gambling experience on any mobile or desktop device, anywhere where the ultra-fast network is present.

Wireless Network Predecessors and Advantages of the 5G

Almost after every decade, superior network technology is launched, bringing not only faster internet speeds but also increased abilities. It all started with the 1G network, which powered the earliest cellphones, then came the 2G wireless network, which brought enhanced coverage and testing, followed by 3G, which brought voice with data or internet. Now we have the most popular 4G. 4G, also known as 4G long-term evolution, has delivered internet speeds greater than before to keep up with mobile data demand.

The fifth-generation technology has the potential to entirely transform telecommunication networks, ushering in dozens of advantagesб such as:

  • Mind-blowing download speeds, 100x faster.
  • 10x decrease in latency, which will make new abilities like driverless cars and remote surgery possible.
  • Improved network volume will enable millions of devices to be connected to the same network in a small geographical region.

These 5G benefits will lay the groundwork for fresh abilities and strengthen connectivity for numerous applications, including industrial automation, telemedicine, smart homes, Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

5G Threats and Managing Weaknesses

As the saying goes, everything with advantages has its disadvantages too, and so does the 5G network. Despite the several advantages the technology comes with, it will present vulnerabilities in the vital areas listed below:

  • Network Safety Measures

The 5G network builds on its precursor wireless networks. As we speak, it’s being incorporated with the fourth-generation networks that consist of a few legacy susceptibilities, like SS7/Diameter challenges and Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Such vulnerabilities might affect 5G equipment and the networks even if they come with extra security enhancements.

  • Operation

As you would expect, the 5G wireless network will employ more information and communication technology compared to its predecessor networks. Inappropriately installed or managed 5G equipment and networks might be at risk of interruption andб of course, manipulation.

Additionally, the 5G supply chain is vulnerable to the malevolent or accidental introduction of threats such as malicious hardware and software, bogus elements, inferior designs, manufacturing procedures and maintenance processes.

Final Thoughts

Being a brand-new technology, the 5G network will undoubtedly have one or two initial drawbacks as the system becomes more refined. But then, the technology does come with a wealth of benefits to prevail over any drawback. The heightened speeds coupled with reliability will see the 5G network take over the communication marketplace as infrastructure expands.

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