What to play if you are a busy student with a lot of homework on your head

Video games are the invention of the 20th century. At first, they were as basic as a video game can be, as the technology was still in its infancy. But the industry of video games has developed tremendously and new and new games are launched on the market each month. There are many video game genres, from action and adventure to puzzles and logic games.

Video games can help anyone relax for some moments. But the downside of many entertaining and interesting video games is that a playing session takes a lot of time. And in the case of busy students, this is not something beneficial, as they need to take care of their academics also.

As game trends develop and change, new games appear. And some of them are suited for busy students that only want to take a 10-minute break and then return to their assignments. So, if you are wondering what to play, below are a few suggestions.

Arcade Games

We can say that arcade games were among the first developed. Do you remember Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, or Popeye? They are pretty easy games as you do not need a lot of wrap-ups to present the background story or your mission. Everything is quite simple, so the time you have usually spent understanding the controllers or the story now can be spent playing. If you are looking for arcade games to play, you can now find online some of the most popular ones. Breaks are important, but as many students want to play a game, they get so involved that they forget about their homework and writing that essay. This leads to delays and so many students use the services of professional tutors who are doing essays on time with their students. The essay writing services like Writix can help you with all of the types of writing works. So, if you find yourself in the position of not meeting your assignment deadline, a writing service can help do this.

Mobile Games

As mobile technology is continuously improving, new games are launched for mobiles. They can easily be found in the AppStore or Google Play, where you have a wide pool of games to choose from. Developers have understood that people are busier and busier, so games that take you less than one minute to play are invented.

You have probably heard about Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, or Temple Run. These are among the most popular mobile games you can play if you are a busy student with a lot of homework on your head. A single play session takes you less than two minutes. So, a ten-minute break playing Angry Birds on your phone can help you disconnect from your tasks.

And even though some students might think that this is not something desirable, as they lose their focus and concentration, this is not true. Short breaks during which you can disconnect help you return to your tasks with a fresher perspective.

Online Slots

Even though gambling disorder is real, sometimes playing online slots is that mindless game many students want to engage in. As long as they do not have so many tasks to do in the game, just pressing a button is something you may want right now.

However, it is important to limit your spending in online casinos and choose other online games that do not require a monetary investment. For example, you could play online Bingo and even Uno. Poker and other gambling games usually require more than five minutes. Students can get easily engaged in the game, as they want to win. And this can lead to a huge loss of time.

On the other side, Uno can be played online and a single game lasts about two minutes. It is also engaging and interesting and you can play it single or in a team.


Students that are busy and have a lot of homework on their heads are looking for ways to relax. Taking short breaks is important as it enables students to return to the task with a fresher perspective. But many action games require you to learn the controllers, find out the background story and discover your tasks.

When you are playing the game, you don’t feel how time passes, but this can lead to delays and not meeting the deadlines. So, aim to play games that last only a few minutes, but that are entertaining enough to disconnect you from your tasks and assignments.

Author Bio: Jeremy Raynold is a content writer at an essay writing service. His favorite topics which he writes on are productivity, video games, and time management. In his spare time, he loves playing Mobile Legend on his smartphone.

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