Top 5 Video Games With Gambling Features

This might come as a surprise, but video gaming and gambling have a close bond. With that in mind, video game developers have upped the ante by trying to incorporate one of the favourite pastimes into their highly sought-after games. For instance, in a casino-based video game, your task could be to play a game of blackjack or gamble your way to the next level by winning numerous mini casino games. When executed well, this can only prove to be a win-win combination, as the games get more enjoyable and exciting, and the fun is guaranteed.

Recently, there has been an uninterrupted rise in the online casino industry, and, as a result, an increasing number of people have shown interest in casino games. So, if you want to test the skills you’ve mastered by playing ICE36 Casino games in some of the best video games, take a look at our top 5 list below.

Final Fantasy VIII

Even though Final Fantasy VIII is the oldest game on this list, if you’re not a devoted gamer, you’ve probably never played it. This game is the eighth instalment in the Final Fantasy franchise, so if you decide to give it a go, try some of the previous versions first to get acquainted with it. 

Aside from the typical weapon and armour systems, the game features a card-based minigame called Triple Triad. Spanned across a 3×3 grid, it requires you to take turns playing against AI to see who has the highest value cards. Basically, when you lay out a card, your card is compared to the one in the next square. The card that has a higher value wins. Your goal is to win against the most cards on the board and change them into your colour.

Red Dead Redemption

The second game in the Red Dead series is set during the downfall of the American frontier in 1911. As the theme is rather interesting, some gripping gameplay is guaranteed. While playing the game, you’ll get the opportunity to play a round of Texas Hold’Em, the most popular poker variant. The game could go one of two ways — either you’ll walk away with loads of your opponent’s cash, or you’ll be challenged to a fight to the death. 

We understand that this kind of violence does not suit everyone, which is why you might want to try your luck at Mega Casino slots — it’s definitely safer. However, if you don’t mind it, you’ll be happy to learn that Red Dead Redemption features another gambling game called Liar’s Dice. It’s a bit rough around the edges but highly entertaining.

Watch Dogs 

The first game in the Watch Dogs series takes you through a future, dystopian Chicago with a group of hackers. Naturally, each character maintains their own lifestyle, including drinking and gambling in saloons. 

Although this game is magnificent on its own, the saloon scene is what steals the spotlight for me. You need to play through poker rounds while drinking, which leads to some great fun. The saloon scene is a good break from the main action, and it will definitely help you boost your game bankroll.

Fallout: New Vegas

Another post-apocalyptic game, and a spinoff of the Fallout series, takes you to a dystopian Las Vegas, where you need to travel to find your would-be killer to recover a lost package. 

Obviously, the game wouldn’t be complete without a few gambling scenes — after all, you’re in New Vegas. You’ll get to visit casinos and play your favourite games, just like the ones you’ve seen in movies. While feasting your eyes on incredible graphics and casino backdrops, make sure to stay alert and use your wits so as not to become a victim of thievery and deceit.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of the most successful video games from 2015, The Witcher 3, allows for thrilling and action-packed gameplay with complex storylines. The game developers also introduced a card game that only makes the entire story more immersive and interesting. 
Namely, you’ll get to play a game known as Gwent, as a break in between slaying monsters. This card game plays a significant role in the video game, as you need to collect cards to build a strong deck to be able to move between areas in the game world. Apart from this, there are other mini-challenges along the way, as well, that poker fans will surely enjoy.

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