5 Free Fun Games To Train Your Mind

The more you use your brain, the sharper it will become. Just like physical exercise keeps your body fit, similarly, mental exercise keeps your brain fit. The easiest and the funniest way to exercise the brain muscles is by playing brain teaser logic games. Even though these are games, it ensures that you are exercising your brain muscles to win. Wondering which brain teaser games should you play? We have picked the top 5 fun games for you to train your mind. 

1. Sudoku 

By solving Sudoku daily, you will train your brain daily. Sudoku features thousands of puzzles. Classic sudoku is suitable for both the newbie and professional players. By playing Sudoku, you can relax your brain and at the same time keep it active. The game can be played both online and offline. One might often wonder if playing Sudoku on the smartphone is as good as playing it on paper and pen, the answer is yes. Sudoku comes with three difficulty levels, starting from easy, medium and then ending with hard sudoku. This game also helps the users to enhance both their logical thinking and memory. 


  • Daily Sudoku challenge 
  • The auto-check feature helps in checking the mistakes 
  • The highlight duplicate avoids repeating the same number in a row, column or block. 

2. Elevate 

Elevate is a brain training program created in the form of a game that helps the users to improve speaking skills, attention, math skills, processing speed and memory. The game doesn’t believe in the not in that one shoe fits all. Therefore, it gives personalized training programs to its users to get the maximum result. Playing Elevate boosts your critical cognitive skills. Elevate supports 35 plus brain games to exercise your brain cells. Further, the progress in the game can be checked through performance tracking. The skill in which the gamer is lacking the most will be boosted through personalized daily workouts. Also, the workout calendar in Elevate will help you in tracking the streaks. 


  • Detailed performance tracking 
  • Adaptive difficulty progression 
  • Workout calendar to track streaks 

3. Lumosity: Brain Training

While playing Lumosity, you will discover the real power of your brain. The game interactively trains your brain. Used by more than 100 million players from all around the game, the Lumosity program is based on science-based games to improve memory, speed, attention, flexibility and problem-solving skills. Further, you can use it to know your strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns. Further, the game can be analyzed in a manner that it draws connections to your daily life. Just like Elevate, even Lumosity supports personalized tracking of your progress. 


  • Science-based game
  • Progress tracking 
  • Playing can enhance math skills and boost vocabulary

4. Peak

Peak is yet another logic game that uses both brain game and puzzles to improve language, memory and critical thinking. It is a challenging brain training workout which can be done in just ten minutes. For adults, it comprises 45 brain games and new games are added every day. The decoder feature in the Peak game further can be used to test the attention span. It has been created with partnership at Cambridge University. The word game in Peak can be used for improving the vocabulary. You can track your progress and improve further with Coach, your trainer in Peak. 


  • Challenges attention, memory, problem-solving, emotion control 
  • Analysis of the categories in which the brain excel 
  • Personalized brain training exercise

5. Memorado

With more than 10 million members, Memorado has become a widely popular game. Memorado comprises 14 games. Does that sound less? Well, these 14 games have more than 420 levels! Crossing each level will help you develop a sharper brain for sure. Apart from games, it also features more than 100 meditative audio sessions which you can play anytime for relaxing your mind. The graphics of the game is awesome and you can keep checking your progress with each level in the game. It has a strong statistical tool that shows both your strong areas and the areas where there is a potential to improve. 


  • 14 games and 420 levels 
  • Stunning graphics 
  • Personalized daily workout

All these games will train your brain in a fun way. You won’t get bored and you will make your brain sharper with each round of the game. The next time when you are bored, try any one of these brain teaser logic games. 

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