7 Fun Games You Can Play Online With Your Friends

Positivity creates thrilling moments, the real utility of time is when your mind is totally involved yet enjoying. The best ways to get into an online game, where the competition starts between you and your very close friends, each move reflects your mind and personality, keenly observed by each of your friends. So sitting at home miles away, you are yet a participant, a team member and extremely important as, without your move the game may stop.

Isn’t it exciting. Just look for one of the SEVEN games given below. From one you will lead to another and yet another, each of them is a pack of thrill.

1. Scrabble

No doubt ‘old is gold’ and this saying is perfect for Scrabble Word Finder, you can now play this traditional board game online with friends and your near and dear ones with the comfort of your home. You can play Duels as well as Team games and earn more points. The game itself is pretty interesting to keep you encouraged throughout the moves you take. It also boosts the competition of the team. There are several games similar to scrabble such as Words With Friends and Wordscraper.

2. Among Us

This is one of the most famed online games of 2020 and quite deserving of the title as well. You need to be a keen observer and yet be headstrong at your task, of course there would be imposters among you who will try to sabotage your tasks, even aim at getting a chance to finish you off. On the other hand if you become the ‘imposter’ you have the fun to kill your friends’ avatars on the spaceship and get away with it. Survival of the fittest will work here, so try to convince your crew either way to stay alive and WIN!

3. Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo is back with another Mario game and this time you get to race across the Globe with a lot many incentives to keep you going. The goal is not to just win every game but earn more points to upgrade your ride. You also get karts and badges and earn a grand start while racing, which you can proudly display later. You can play Mario Kart Tour with up to seven friends online and turn up the heat. This online game is full of CHAOS and yet you get through and prove your wit. Also it keeps updating every two weeks so you get to race at a new iconic place as the World Tour goes on.

4. Checkers

This online game can involve the mind and the heart so deep as to make one’s way through to the end. It best suits those people who are not very updated with technology and yet very calculatingly they can make their way through from the starting point to the end block. The colorful marbles identify YOU and your moves, you can decide which way you want to play as you choose the boards. Some game modes may allow only two or some other boards to be designed to allow up to six players. Each player makes his way hopping over his opponents men virtually following the path of success in life.

5. UNO

Here comes another classic card game that you can enjoy virtually with your loved ones. Even if you are new to UNO you will have no trouble understanding it. The basic is to just finish your cards as soon as you can before anyone else and the best thing about it is that you get to make the rules. You can also buddy up and play 2v2 with your friends and relatives.

6. Bingo

If you love to test your luck, this is the chance to show it off as you can enjoy BINGO with your close ones and check off numbers one by one and win excitingly. This is a free to play online game and no real money is involved in it so you have nothing to lose. It drives away boredom and yet leaves good memories and moments before you leave your seat.

7. Animal Crossing

Good time spent is valued time so enjoy it with Animal Crossing as this is one of the best virtual reality games available out there. You can design your own campsite or a cabin, completely up to you. Enjoy living in nature sitting at home. Here you can craft a place with over 300 different types of accessories and fill it up with cozy furniture and show it off to your friends when they come to visit. Living in the lanes and streets you can experience bounties of nature. Have your own café, a fireplace and what not. It is a free to play online game that you can enjoy with all your friends and family and meet them there VIRTUALLY!

Hope all these games bring you closer to your loved ones. They are perfectly designed to make times worth living and are a blessing in disguise with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. Do checkout every single game as these are the top seven of all the games I’ve played. Opening each will change your mindset as each of them is from a completely different category so explore and enjoy.

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