Top List of Kids Educational Video Games During Quarantine

In a quarantine period, most kids will struggle to adjust to an environment with limitations. Currently, there is a greater probability that your kids know how to play one or more games on your PC or even mobile phone. Google Play Store and Appstore are full of fun for kids, and therefore, your role is to identify the best and keep them busy all through. In this case, games will not only fulfill an entertainment function but also give peace of mind and a sense of security. Also, the help for the custom thesis will help you find more time playing with your kids.

This article will cover several educative video games that will turn the quarantine period into fun for your kids. They include:

  • The Oregon Trail

Oregon trail is one of the classic video games your children can gain more informative content. The game cuts across problem-solving skills to critical thinking. It is one of the best video games that entails preparing for a trip by picking a job, identifying and naming companions with supplies. A more updated version of the Oregon trail will give your kid a chance to trade, make upgrades, and purchase medicine and food to increase your team’s survival. In the same game, your group will encounter bandits, the illness will cross dangerous spots, and therefore, it is your role to ensure their safety from attacks and even save them from starving.  

  • Nancy Drew Interactive Mysteries

It is one of the old but better games your child can play, especially in a period full of restrictions. The game lets you play as Nancy, where you are to solve a range of mysteries over the way. You have a choice to play as a senior or junior detective. Your position doesn’t necessarily matter in your modes of handling secrets or given tasks. You are expected to correctly solve puzzles, discover new techniques of solving problems, and most importantly, discover new ways of maneuvering through tricky situations. One of the reasons this serves as a better and reliable video game for your kid is that it teaches them periodically without understanding.   

  • Wordscapes

Getting over a quarantine season is so easy for your kids, especially when they have access to several items that can keep them busy. Scrabble may be more addictive to the vocabulary lover; it is more critical to establish better kids’ games in the same niche. You won’t take long before landing on Wordscapes as an option. With Wordscapes, your kids will frequently improve their vocabulary and also strengthen their skills by solving a set of crossword puzzles. The game will leave you with several options and hints to choose from, and therefore, don’t expect that your kid will strain too much in solving some basic tasks. More importantly, Wordscapes supports an inbuilt feature for adding new words to the dictionary. It is a perfect way of keeping track of kids’ daily learning experiences.   

  • Zoombinis

In the early ’90s, Zoombies was out to keep kids glued and occupied all through. It is still in existence and more advanced than before. It is one of the perfect ways of getting over boring afternoons. In this game, the expectations are that you guide the character Zoombies from the evil Boat’s clutches and take him to a designated area. The game has partitions in 12 levels, with each of them providing more challenging experiences as you scale from one level to the next. Android, iOS, and PC all support this video game.     

  • Portal series

The logical levels of your kid will grow consistently through the Portal series. Furthermore, your kid will gain more knowledge from various educational subdomains such as science, mathematics, and physics. The game follows a unique approach to immersing a kid into the gaming world. It entails an unnamed character in a remote locality. The character undertakes dangerous tests by GLaDOS, a narcissistic AI. Like other games, the portal series has various levels through which a kid has to undertake. 


The collective idea of playing video games during the quarantine period is much more effective and productive for kids. The number of videogames for kids is unlimited, and therefore, expect that your kid will have more admirable moments during the quarantine. Some more video games for your kid include World Rescue, Kerbal, Minecraft, Valiant Hearts, etc. 

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