Why Pokémon GO’s Teams Are Worth Your Time

The social side of Pokémon GO is becoming more and more important. Some players prefer to go it alone and often do quite well for themselves. But not joining a team means you miss out on perks and a whole different level of fun. Here are four reasons why you should embrace Pokémon GO’s social features.

Immersive Goals

Teams add more purpose to the game. You can stand for something and be a part of a huge community that shares those values. Every win gets you closer to the top rankings on Pokémon GO’s battle league leaderboard and makes your team proud. All of this boosts your engagement with the game.

In case you don’t know what each team embodies, here’s a quick rundown. The red of Team Valor is about strength and boldness. Its members strive to bond with their Pokémon and discover their true power, while also becoming the best trainer around.

The colour yellow represents Team Instinct, who believe in following your gut. They see Pokémon as gifted creatures, their intuition deserving respect and nurture. And then there’s Team Mystic in blue, researching how and why pokémon evolve. They like calm, rational minds that appreciate Pokémon’s superior wisdom.

Inspiring Team Spirit

As far as mobile games go, this was always meant for interaction, even if it was mostly hostile. Adding teams to the mix only made things more interesting. Basically, apart from customising your gaming experience even more, you can enjoy a unique social network where principles and skills are as important as entertainment.

If your current team doesn’t suit you anymore or you want to join a friend, you can even change teams – for a price. Knowing this might be an issue, Niantic introduced the Team Medallion, allowing a trainer to switch once every 365 days and at the cost of 1000 coins.

Rewards from Trainer Battles

Whether you win or lose, your team gets a reward bundle based on your first three battles of the day. These can include anything from common collectables like Stardust to rare evolution items like Dragon Scales and Sinnoh Stones.

You can collect these things on your own, but battles and leagues can get you loads of them and much faster. If you want to make the most of the gaming experience, becoming a team player is a step in the right direction. And the 600 million downloads counted to date for a global statistics report for Pokémon GO means you’ll probably never run out of team members or competition.

Legendary Teamwork

The more you battle, the more winning strategies you’ll spot. One Pokémon, for example, can’t deal with every situation, so you need to think about which creatures to use in each battle and which to upgrade. You also have to be strategic about what team members bring to the table and how to work off each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Especially when it comes to working out how to catch a Kyogre and other powerful Pokémon during raids, smart tactics are essential. Pokebattler’s simulations reported on Win suggests that a team of five to six trainers or three top trainers stocked with powered-up Pokémon lightning and grass-type stand the best stance.

The beauty of Pokémon GO is in its flexibility, but also in the intensely social vibes it creates. Whatever your gaming style, it’s worth knowing all your options. There’s no reason why you can’t run off to catch pokémon alone and come back for a battle with your team now and then. It’s all part of the fun.

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