What to do when your phone doesn’t turn on

Can you stay sleepy anymore if you just wake up and see your phone not turning on?  

Our digital lifestyle made us so attached to our phones that we feel miserable if anything happened to them. A black screen of desperation and frustration. Every phone addict’s worst nightmare. 

Don’t lose hope yet! There are many solutions to fix mobile doesn’t turn on type situations. Before taking it to a repairer, let’s find out what causes such issues and fix them.

Charging point

Did you feel like your mobile battery is draining away a lot faster? One of the most prominent cases for phones not turning on is lack of juice in the mobile battery. 

Is your phone charging properly? Is there any kind of malfunction happening with your charger? Did you charge your phone properly? Did the charger partially dislocate from the wall socket? Is the power source turned on? 

 Ask yourself such questions and get to work. 

  1. Cable, charger, or outlet

The charger that comes with your phone is the perfect fit for it. To check if it is working:

  • Try connecting the cable with another phone port.
  • Make sure the cable and phone port are free from dust or lint.
  • If that does not work out, try plugging it in with a wall outlet or a lamp.

By this time, you’ll get your result. 

  1. Battery charge

Connect your phone with a working cable or charger. Wait for 1 minute. Is it working? Can you see any battery icon? 

– If you do, then the phone is off and is charging. You may restart after a bit. 

– If there is a red light, it means the battery is discharged. 

– If the red light keeps flashing, then it has no power right now.                  

– If you see no sign, there must be an issue with the screen. 

  1. Use computer

If your device is still not operating, take the help of the computer. All you have to do is connect the phone with the computer by USB cable. 

Computers are super flexible and handy when it comes to any device. Just connect it with the computer, let it charge a bit, disconnect the cable and again charge it. Press and hold the power button. Look for the charging signs also. 

Do a Power Cycle

You did the charging thing, yet your mobile doesn’t turn on. Now your phone is not charging; in an unresponsive frozen phase, it is also possible to freeze during its powered-off state. So performing a power cycle may come in handy at this part.

In simple words, the power cycle refers to power being cycled on and off. So just taking out the main power source and then refitting it again is just the thing the power cycle means. 

How to do a power cycle? Every device or phone comes with a removable battery. All you have to do it, open your phone, take the battery out, wait a bit, let off the heat, and put it back in. Simple as that.  

However, if your phone has no removable battery, Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds; that way, it would show up another drive screen to further help. This depends on the manufacturer but indeed works. 


Perform a Hard Reset

After such a tremendous process, the mobile is still not turning on? This is the time for you to make a “Hard reset.” 

Androids and I-phones have different methods. Many Androids happened to have different types of methods of their own. The manufactures matter a lot. Yet depending on the model the different varieties, here are some of them- 

  • On iPhone or iPods, just press and hold the power and home button until the screen turns back. 
  • On iPhone 7, the process is the same. By pressing down power and volume down together.
  • On iPhone 8, Press and release volume up, do the same for volume down, then hold the power button.
  • Android phones are mostly similar. Just hold volume up, volume down, and power button altogether. That way, the screen will pop up. 

Re-Flash the Firmware

If all the above instructions failed, no worries! We can enter a lower-level path to flash the firmware from scratch. 

The DFU mode is renowned in the iPhone sector. What you do is plug your phone into a computer, open a software, enter some complex series of data, and that is all. They can recover and restore your iPhone.

Applying such firmware on Android phones is also tricky. The process is the same, just install Android Debug Bridge this time and follow the instructions given accordingly. 

For other phones than Android or iPhone, there are so many specialized tools and programs in Google that can help a friend in need. If you are not used to performing such steps, call in for a professional or take it to a repair house yourself.


Did it turn on? No need to despair if it did not. These instructions might not come in handy if your phone had any older issues going on aside from this. 

However, the formulas mentioned above or tricks can always help you out if appropriately followed. If not, the backup plan of going to a repair shop can be the only way out. Yet, for small fixes and scratches, don’t tire yourself. Please read our guide and fix it right away. 

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