Could Gaming and eSports Move into the Casino Industry?

Over the past decade, we have seen a connection grow between the gaming industry and betting, with the main drive behind that being eSports. Could we now see the same with casino games? Will the gaming industry begin to make its mark in that sector?

That is certainly possible, and the way this would happen is by developers using games and the gaming industry as a theme for slot games. We have seen this work in the past with things such as TV & film related slots and others related to types of music or individual artists and bands.

A look at the sports betting and casino at Melbet India will show this, eSports claim a big part of their sports betting service and inside their casino, you will find many specific theme related games. After seeing the world of eSports do so well at breaking into sports betting, everyone interested knows that there is certainly a market for this.

What Types of Games Could We See Transformed into Slots?

The first area we could see this happen is certainly eSports. So, for example, a game such as Dota2 that has received huge praise as an eSports and made a big impact when it comes to eSports betting, is the kind of title you can expect to be amongst the first.

There will be those who play Dota2 casually at home who may be interested in a casino slot game based on the title, while there will also be those who follow it and bet on it as an eSport. If some games are a success and make a great slot game, we could see this expanded past eSports and into other gaming titles.

This could mean that a game is featured on the slot, or better still, a specific character from a gaming title is the lead part in a slot game. There have been many big characters on platforms like the Xbox and on new PlayStation games over the past couple of decades that would make into great casino characters if given the opportunity.

With the need for casino slot games at an all-time high, and many developers around the world looking for new ideas that would set them apart from their rivals, it may be time for the gaming industry to get involved.

We have seen slot game producers lean onto themes that have a link to gambling in the past, with sports themed slots doing well, and those based around things like casino gaming itself or playing poker. With the link to eSports, this should be enough to give game developers the security they need that any games involving eSports will be well received and would also be a big boost for the eSports industry too, with more exposure heading their way.

Then we would see the second phase of this turn to other games, giving the general gaming industry a boost with other titles, and maybe even characters, gaining exposure in this way.

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