The Most Popular Online Studying Apps Among Gamers

When smartphones were first released into the market, many teachers, parents and school administrators put in place strict rules forbidding students from using them in school or at home when learning. 

App developers have been doing commendable work and today, the same teachers, parents and administrators have embraced the smartphone as an important learning tool. There are numerous online study apps that students can access for free. Students who love games can choose between the numerous educational game apps to help them improve their learning skills. 


Gimkit was developed by some inventive high school students who had a vision of engaging remote learners through virtual games. Students receive learning materials during classroom hours or later as homework. 

Continuous use helps the student get perfected and as they gain more experience, they earn credits to help them buy upgrades. Teachers in other schools can encourage their students to develop their version of the learning kit. 

Lecturers are keen on assignment quality and they give grades according to the standard of your work. So balancing using apps, playing games and writing quality assignments with the help of tools is important. 

If you are not sure what you are writing about, seek help from an online writing service. Whether you write an assignment yourself or someone else does it, use a plagiarism checker to confirm if your work is original. Studyclerk plagiarism fixer service is great in this regard as it allows you to ensure that the paper is totally unique and free from plagiarism issues. The plagiarism fixer is of high quality and using it will give you confidence that your work is original. is an out of the ordinary site for school-going children. The site has a variety of games designed for preschoolers and early graders. From the easy to navigate the site, children select their grade and then pick a game that fits their subject of interest. 

Kids can play a game of numbers, skills and words. The site also has entertaining games that the kids can play after completing a learning lesson. The free can be played on PC or tablet. If the parent wants the game to be ads free, they can upgrade to the premium version. 

As mentioned above, do not be entirely lost in games and when writing school assignments, you should proofread your work to submit a quality assignment. Online plagiarism checker is one of the best tools to help you submit original quality work and keep your reputation intact.


Brainscape is a platform used by students when studying adaptable flashcards. The software can be used on smartphones and PC. Teachers and learners use the software to develop e-flashcards and search for flashcards that have been developed by other people from the rest of the globe. 

As the learners repeatedly create every concept with precision, they gain speed and are given another quiz. Users have the option of the free and premium version. The premium version opens access to more features like ads free flashcards, bookmarks and browse mode.  

Game Classroom

Game Classroom is an app with different categories of games for children between first grade to 5th grade. The app is loaded with games aligned with the USA curriculum. Learners can choose any game that fits their needs at the moment, whether it’s calculations, language reading or solving simple fractions. 

The games are loved by children and both parents and teachers can easily pick a game relevant to their child’s needs. The game classroom is free, although it has a subscription package that offers more features. 

Brain Trainer 

Brain Trainer was developed to help students exercise their brain. The app is a suite full of learning games that help students become better in mathematics, build a stronger memory and gain better speed in solving problems. 

The app is full of activities that students can use for a long time. Using shapes and colors, students can play challenging competitions in word games like Math Ninja, Sudoku and many more. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy was developed by Sal Khan to help millions of students in America access free education online. Using different sets of online tools, Khan Academy creates learning materials in various forms like videos, drawings and virtual blackboards. 


The smartphone is now used both in the business and education world. Education should be a continuous process and before the invention of apps, smartphones and computers, learning was only restricted to physical institutions. Today, anyone can access important educational courses in various forms, including games, e-books, online tutorials and remote classrooms. Every student can take advantage of the different forms of learning to better their skills and grades. 

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Jeremy Raynolds has been active in the education industry for some years and has been regularly coming up with innovative tech-based ideas to make the education process smoother. He has developed a couple of study apps, works as a freelancer for an essay writing agency, runs a writing blog and is authoring a book on self-publishing.

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